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  1. Raiden328i

    Facebook sales

    Anyone sold anything to the FB members? They all seem to moan about the price and offer less than half of what an items worth and constantly moan about items bought from other sellers. One in particular seems to me that he’s up to something Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Raiden328i

    London gaming market Keep seeing it posted on facebook and the next one is in March. Is it worth going to pick up Neo Geo stuff? or should I just stick with ebay
  3. Raiden328i

    PAL CD or CDZ

    Been lurking for a while but early next year I'll have the money to buy one. I did want a AES but the games are to expensive so I've decided cd is the way to go. I did want a CDZ but there's a few PAL ones about and there cheaper. Do you think the early ones in the future will be collectable...