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    WTB MVS Matrimelee

    I'm looking for an English MVS cart of Matrimelee, (loose) if possible, with the sticker of the cart in near mint condition, thanks! -J
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    WTB: US AES Metal Slug Cart

    Please no BS here, I know what it sells for, I know it's an expensive game, and you all know I am serious when it comes to buying things here. I am looking to get a US AES Metal Slug Cart, preferably in good condition. I am offering $8k for the game in decent shape, and a few K's MORE if it is...
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    Xbox consoles for sale, soft modded, and cleaned out.

    I have four (4) soft modded Xboxes for sale, all come with a controller, most come with power cables and AV cable. The consoles were all cleaned out very well, and the DVD laser has been checked and cleaned thoroughly. The CPU and GPU heatspreaders were removed, and the old thermal compound...
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    WTT: Looking for Turbo Duo CD/SCD games and PCE CD games, also LaserActive FS

    Hey, I am trying to sell some of my AES/MVS stuff, and in the process I was looking for some PCE/Duo CD games like Lords of Thunder, Gate of Thunder, basically anything isn the US DUO CD collection, and I am interested in random PCE CD shooters, like Psychic Storm, Gate of Thunder, R-Type...
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    WTB: MVS JPN only games, plus gamers condition carts!

    Hello, I am looking to complete my Japanese only MVS loose carts with nice like new, or near new stickers, on the games for a cheaper than ebay cost, if possible, since nobody seems to care about these games but me. I am looking for the following JPN MVS loose Carts with like new stickers...
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    FS/FT: NG-CD's and some MVS+AES carts and cases for sale, interested in TG16 CDs FT also

    I have decided to sell the remaining of my Neo-Geo CD's below, plus random games here, (and some not mentioned here as well). Will accept TRADES for Neo Geo CDs/MVS/AES, that I do not own yet, also. I am also interested in getting some old Turbo Duo / PC Engine games if you want to trade. I...
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    WTB: Sengoku 3 MVS cart

    I would like a Sengoku 3 MVS cart. Gamers condition is fine, although a nice minty one with a perfect sticker is also nice. :) Please help a fella out, as ebays prices are god damn out of this world for no reason on this game, and I don't feel like paying $200-$350 for this sub $150 cart, if ya...
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    Looking for some old school carts in new /like new condition please

    Im looking for some games like: US Euro titles, Dog Tag Preferred for some. League Bowling Dog Tag, King of the Monsters 1 and 2 Dog Tag/Euro, Viewpoint Euro, Fatal Fury 1 2 and special Euro World Heroes 1 Euro. Oh and I want every single Japanese Mahjong style game that most people don't...
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    WTB English AES Metal Slug 2

    Looking for a like new, minty, Metal Slug 2 English AES Original cart. Willing to pay around $2,000+ PM me please. Must be a well known forum member, and must have pics of the game your selling. Post them here for people to see. If it is in less than like new condition, has a beat up manual or...
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    Knight Chance Review

    I want to thank EVERYONE that waited patiently for my review of Knights Chance! Due to my health declining, I found it very hard to finish this review, and to have enough free time out of the hospital to do it, however, after much persistence I managed to get it done. My review in full was...
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    WTB/WTT Ninja Masters AES Euro

    Looking for Ninja Masters AES Euro, must have mint or like new insert without sunfade or damage, and snaplock case must be like new. I don't care too much about the condition of the game cart as long as the sticker is in really good shape. Of coarse, the condition of the game shell and...
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    Neo-Geo AES repair shop in USA?

    Who in here can repair the AES if it has issues? I live in California, and I do not really want to ship my console overseas. The problem is most likely my fault, as I was re-wiring the entire Neo, and it worked flawlessly before I messed with it. After re-wiring everything, and re-routing the...
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    WTT: Neo XYX Limited Edition MVS for Neo XYX C.E. Complete

    I happened to miss out on the Collectors Edition of the Neo XYX MVS when it was up for pre-order in Dec of 2013. I ended up getting the Limited Edition MVS instead, due to missing out on the C.E. MVS. I want to find someone that has the Neo XYX Collectors Edition MVS cart in the shockbox with...
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    Well it took 8 years but I guess it had to happen eventually...

    Last Hope AES (2006) now sold on ebay in Conversions by none other than French fags. Discuss....
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    FS: Panasonic DMP-BDT300PP #D BluRay Player NIB

    Up for sale is my Panasonic 3D BluRay Player model DMP-BDT300PP NIB. This was a part of the package deal at Best Buy when I bought my Panasonic Vierra 3D set last September. I never used it as I just use the PS3 for playback of 3D content, so I am selling it brand new in the box. I'm looking to...
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    FS: PS3 Rock Band box set

    Need to make some room and don't use this anymore, might as well sell it. Due to size and weight of the box set it might cost a bit to ship. I would prefer local pickup here in California to save on shipping... I will only ship this in USA, otherwise shipping would cost too much to be worth...
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    Pioneer LaserActive repair needed

    If anyone knows how to fix problems with the Pioneer LaserActive (and its pacs) please PM me as I need someone to repair mine. I haven't used it in years and when I went to play it yesterday I found out it now has some issues. Someone with LA knowledge would be nice to talk to about these...
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    LAIR on PSP

    Does anyone else here think its cool that the PS3 game LAIR is the first game that can be played on your PSP through remote play? I think its pretty damn cool. I cant wait to see what other games do this in the future as well. PSP just keeps getting better all the time IMO.
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    Lair on PS3

    Yeah I know I got very bad ratings because of the controls (forcing you to use the sixaxis), but now that the controls have been updated (from the download at the PSN) I was curious how many people think it will be worth the purchase? Im going to buy the game today just to see how good...
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    Countdown to a new Horror game on PS3? Turns out to be SIREN New Translation for PS3. Happy days. It looks real nice.