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  1. Kazuki Dash

    ATTN Hip-Hop enthusiasts: De La Soul just won the internet

    Had to do a double-take when I read this online: De La Soul to Make Entire Catalog Available for Free That means this started an hour ago, so toss your chick her Valentine's crap to keep...
  2. Kazuki Dash

    X-MEN: Days Of Future Past Trailer

    So months back there had been a viral video that mentioned Trask Industries with images of a Sentinel at the end: 92YBR9gEyYI ...and now we have a full on trailer for the movie: pK2zYHWDZKo Article from Wired with more info:
  3. Kazuki Dash

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime Thread

    Well, it's apparently official now... The anime will be adapting the Stardust Crusaders arc:
  4. Kazuki Dash

    Not Mine: Sticks for Sale (Wii, 360, PS3, DC, etc)

    Friend of mine announced he would be selling off extra joysticks from his collection that he no longer uses/needs. He made a selling thread over at Shmups, but I figured I'd mention it here in case anyone was interested: He's got pics &...
  5. Kazuki Dash

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime Thread

    Cool man, it'll be interesting to see you guys start posting your thoughts on gameplay. In other JoJo news, the latest volume on blu-ray is out. Pic of the set: The figure is actually a 4GB flash drive. More info on the release here...
  6. Kazuki Dash

    New Club for the older crowd.....

    Sometimes the age can catch up with you.
  7. Kazuki Dash

    Arc System Works Announces new Guilty Gear

    First we hear about a new Bat-Man Arkham being made, then a bad-ass trailer for an upcoming Riddick movie. They say good things come in threes so maybe this is the last part: Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Unveiled LINK NKGPhKu3jNg&hd=1 Set to full screen and turn up those speakers.
  8. Kazuki Dash

    For The Booze Connoisseurs

    Maker's Mark Slashes Alcohol Content LINK My favorite part of the article? Thoughts?
  9. Kazuki Dash

    For the Bill Hicks fans...

    A new biopic is in the works and Russell Crowe has voiced his desire to direct the project: Russell Crowe to Direct Rather Than Star in Bill Hicks Biopic
  10. Kazuki Dash

    The Man Who May Have Defeated Ticketmaster

    ...and it's not Eddie Vedder. Earlier this week, Louis C.K. announced his upcoming tour as well as the fact that he would be selling the tickets exclusively from his website. Every ticket, regardless of seating or venue, would be priced at...
  11. Kazuki Dash

    Supreme Court Just Screwed Everyone (and not about Healthcare)

    Well this totally came out of left field, I didn't even know they were deliberating this: LINK So now anyone who happens to be detained for any reason can automatically be strip searched. WTF, this is insane. Did the Bill of Rights just go past its expiration date or something? :oh_no:
  12. Kazuki Dash

    Old School Castlevania Fans...

    I'm looking to see input from others on this analysis of Super Castlevania IV: ww_PjqYQi5E (Audio NSFW, but yet oddly appropriate) This totally seems to make sense to me but I'm wondering what veterans who know the series inside & out the series think.
  13. Kazuki Dash

    Day 1 purchase for the 360/PS3?

    So far I'd say signs point to a resounding yes. Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage (release date: 11/02) NeeUBs8-LwI&hd=1 English voicework seems decent, but I'm betting on a Japanese option too. As for who else seems playable... jJxfRYsw_ok&hd=1 Riding Kokuoh and trampling everything in...
  14. Kazuki Dash

    Sad Celebrity News

    Robert Culp, actor from 'I Spy', dead at 79 Dennis Hopper Teminally Ill, Finally Gets Star on Walk of Fame Damn, talk about a double-whammy. :(
  15. Kazuki Dash

    Shameless Promotion At Its Finest (or Worst, I dunno)

    So after reading the thread expressing disappointment about the XBOX Arcade and other folks occasionally mentioning that they had a few MSN points sitting around, I thought I'd give an acquaintance of mine a quick mention for some of the indie games he's put together. I understand this means I'm...
  16. Kazuki Dash

    9th Circuit Court Rules on Pledge of Allegiance ***NOW JUDICIAL OUTRAGE THREAD***

    LINK Just putting this up there for any potential discussion and input from law types like Gunny aka Bobak, et al. Me personally, I wish we would phase out this addition from the Eisenhower era but as long as I still have the freedom to exercise whether or not I want to stand and recite it...
  17. Kazuki Dash

    Monty Python Turns 40

    The IFC Channel will be commemorating the occasion with a 6-hour documentary this Sunday, titled Monty Python's Flying Circus - The Lawyer's Cut. Recent video clip of surviving members talking about it: link I really should collect their stuff on DVD at some point. Good times.