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  1. PolluxTroy

    Fantasy Basketball league for gamers!

    If you love video games and or basketball, here's your invite to my fantasy league. Just for fun, no money involved. Very laid back. All are welcome. EDIT: I opened up a few more...
  2. PolluxTroy

    Which Metallica album is the best?

  3. PolluxTroy

    Elder Scrolls Online Guild (PS4)

    If anyone on here plays ESO on PS4, I'd love to have a fellow Neo fan in my guild. Just message me on PSN at NewFordOrder, and I'll send you an invite.
  4. PolluxTroy

    If you could have cast anyone as Wonder Woman...

    Who would it be? Not saying Gal Gadot isn't the perfect choice. She may very well be. Just interested in people who may have had someone else in mind.
  5. PolluxTroy

    Open letter to SNK: Steven Seagal in KOF

    TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This is an open letter to SNK, requesting they make Steven Seagal a secret playable character in its next King Of Fighters game. I suspect his move list would be similar to Michael Max's, but with slaps, rather than punches. Such an addition would inject new energy into...
  6. PolluxTroy

    Elder Scrolls Online?

    Anyone here play Elder Scrolls Online? Is it any good? Thinking about getting into it with Morrowind expansion coming out, but I'm undecided. Any input is appreciated.
  7. PolluxTroy

    Neo Geo X prices seem to already be going up

    Complete lawlessness.
  8. PolluxTroy

    So I watched Passengers

    And I mean the 2016 film, not that old one with Ane Hathaway. Thought it was a great film, just short of amazing. No The Grey with Liam Neeson, but alas, what is?
  9. PolluxTroy

    Thinking about getting Last Blade 2

    Is it worth it if I already have the first one? Discuss.
  10. PolluxTroy

    KOF Art Style

    What the hell is up with the KOF 2000 art style?
  11. PolluxTroy

    PS4 owners?

    Any PS4 owners? What's your fav games? Anybody upgrading to pro console?
  12. PolluxTroy


    Anybody played this? Is it any good?
  13. PolluxTroy

    Samurai Shodown II & Rum

    It's all I really care about. When I'm playing any other game, in the back of my head I'm thinking about Samurai Showdown II. Well, I'm also thinking about having a drink. My seat there on the corner. Ice in my glass, the burn of that rum going down. Shiiiiit.
  14. PolluxTroy


    Epic badass or epic idiot? Discuss.
  15. PolluxTroy

    Paige banned again by WWE

    Is she too sexy for her ban? Discuss.
  16. PolluxTroy

    Do you take medication to help you sleep?

    It can be prescription or non, just want to hear what has worked for who.
  17. PolluxTroy

    NBA Fantasy League

    And on an unrelated note:
  18. PolluxTroy

    NBA Fantasy League

    I commission a NBA fantasy league each year. If anyone from here is interested in joining for the 2016-17 season, the link is below. Serious, active players only.
  19. PolluxTroy

    offical wwe thread

    The only reason I watch WWE.