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  1. Gowcaizer

    WTB: neogeo aes system

    hey, im looking for a neo aes system, not a modded one, just simple aes either japanese or english, im expecting to pay around 180 usd for it, plus paypal fees and shipping to mexico city, if it comes with box the better, if no its ok for me while its on a good condition and working normaly, thanks!
  2. Gowcaizer

    Gowcaizer's Neogeo Artwork thead

    This draw is pretty old, about 3 or 4 years ago, i always liked it, it was in a corner of my sketch book so I descided t put some colors on it :) hpe you like it
  3. Gowcaizer

    3D character

    Hello, its not neo related but i wanted to share this model with you. :) hope you like it :D
  4. Gowcaizer

    New artwork Blog

    Hey everybody, I just wanted to let you know my new Artwork blog here I will post many art I dont in other places as sketches, wip's, videos or 3d models, thanks, hope you can take a look on it :)
  5. Gowcaizer

    ADK Work in Progress

    Back in the 90's I always wanted to work in SNK painting their stuff, that's the reason I started to draw, videogames was my inspiration to start on this thing, unfortunly I never get it :P but I started a new project, :D I will redo, all my AES insterts, started with agressors of dark kombat i...
  6. Gowcaizer

    Metal Slug Work in progress

    Here is a wip of a metal slug illustration,:) this is so far what I have got, hope you like it comments are welcome, done i photoshop! :buttrock:
  7. Gowcaizer

    mai shiranui fanart

    Finished version of Mai Shiranui, since its a finished colored version I thought it deserved a new thread hope you like it, done in photoshop, please comment
  8. Gowcaizer

    warrior girl

    I liked this draw on my sketch book so I decided to put some color on it, hope you like it :p
  9. Gowcaizer

    sf4 fan art

    i did this one for my sketch book cover :D it was colored very quick in photoshop, hope you like it, i enjoyed painting it:buttrock:
  10. Gowcaizer

    WTB_Power cable for AES System

    hey guys, just wondering if somebody could have a power adaptor for aes that would like to sell, please pm, will pay with paypal, thanks :)
  11. Gowcaizer

    A character

    My entry for Fantasy Earth Zero contest, it was about to create a character that could fit into the game, i couldn't finish it on time so i didn't paint her wearpon and the background :P Hope you like it
  12. Gowcaizer

    My neo is not working :(

    well it happened after almost 15 years for very first time :oh_no: it just doesnt turns on, not being a hardware guy and because it was a gift and i dont want to buy another one, I wanted to ask, Who can really fix a Neo Geo AES here? :help:
  13. Gowcaizer

    Artwork thread/ Gowcaizer :D

    From now i will post all my SNK related work in this thread, please comment thanks for watching :mr_t: Bob Wilson sketch Burn knuckle!
  14. Gowcaizer

    rick strowd fanart

    rick strowd fanart, one of my favorites characters , i wish they get him into more games sometime, perhaps neo geo battle coliseum 2? i hope so:mr_t:
  15. Gowcaizer

    Mai Shiranui Sketch

    a sketch of mai shiranui :D, my plan is to color it also, thanks for watching :mr_t:
  16. Gowcaizer

    Big Bear Sketch

    big bear sketch done in photoshop c3 about 2 hours :mr_t: hope you like it
  17. Gowcaizer

    Rick Stroud

    Long time I don't post anything in here, so I wanted to post this one even if it is not finished yet, since i dont know if i will finish it soon, here it is rick stroud from real bout 2, hope you like it, it looks a like my other rick fanart i wanted to improve it, to do a better version more...
  18. Gowcaizer

    Still Work in Progress

    You can make believe that is Lee Recca or Jet Li, in the beggining I wanted to do a Lee Recca 3d model, so i researched for Jet Li's pictures in Once upon a time in China, and it turned in a Fei Hung portrait lol, so here it is what I have so far, after 3 days, Lightwave and Zbrush.
  19. Gowcaizer

    Gowcaizer Sketch

    I will use this sketch for my entry to the NG.comart contest here, done in photoshop hope you like it, now i have to paint it BTW this is the original size, so, i cant put too much detail on it, i will add it in the final size
  20. Gowcaizer

    DOA Kasumi Fanart sketch

    A sketch I just did in PS, hope you like it, right now I'm coloring it :mr_t: