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    What was your go-to game on every console you had over the years

    2600 - tie Empire Strikes Back/Spider-Man Intellivision - Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack NES - Mike Tyson's Punch Out Gameboy - Zelda Link's Awakening SNES - Zelda LTTP PSX - Castlevania SOTN Saturn - Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Dreamcast - Capcom vs SNK 2 PS2 - Tekken Tag Neo-Geo - Garou MOTW...
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    Unpopular opinion number 5: People can't stand a comic book character done accurately

    Noticed this over the years, but every time a super hero movie, cartoon, or live action tv series comes out the characters really aren't at all like they are in the comics. On the rare occasions they try to be accurate most audiences hate it. Just a few examples: Spider-Man: (Spider-Man 1981)...
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    WTB: Arcade/Game Posters (not looking for minty or pricey)

    How about snk trading cards. I had them hanging up with duct tape for years so they aren't minty, but they are still kinda cool to have up somewhere. Free to a good home. If nothing they fit nice on the arcade cabinet. Also keep an eye out for Chinese bootleg stores. they sometimes carry a...
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    Movies you love who's genre you don't

    Had a thought the other day. I've seen plenty of recommend me a movie thread. I wouldn't mind seeing how much of a difference recommendations would be if you aren't a fan of the particular genre a movie came from. As for me I get bored easily with westerns, however every time Once upon a Time...
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    Are Video Games About Having Fun Anymore?

    I've noticed this trend with the younger generation. You fall into two catagories. 1. Get the game as fast as possible beat and unlock all secrets within the least amount of time possible so you can show everything in a stream or uploaded video and make money. 2. Get the game. Realize it takes...
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    New TMNT Arcade Only Beat Em Up

    Stumbled across this on youtube. I really hope to play this one day.
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    Samurai Shodown VI PS4 joystick problems

    Been trying to get this to work for PS4. Weird thing is the Joystick will work for PS4 but as soon as I boot up SSVI it doesn't. Now I can still access the PS4 menu screen, but it won't start the game. It just stays in the "Press Start Button" Title screen. Anybody know what's going on? I've...
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    New Street Fighter EX demo video

    It was said to be an April's fool joke, but damn that's looks pretty good to be an April fools joke.
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    What would happen... Classic Games

    So my stepdaughter had an idea of taking expensive classic games to a couple used game store that "specialized" in that sort of stuff. I tried to get an interesting collection of games. She used the line "I got this from an uncle and wanted to see if it was worth anything." Here's the stuff...
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    What has made you a grumpy gamer?

    LWK stated in a thread that the death of Neo Geo has made us grumpy gamers. While I concede most of us are grumpy gamers, I don't think it's that simple For me: 1. The transition to 3d IMO made games less about fun and more about graphics 2. Coming off the high of the PS3/360 era where titles...
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    What is your gaming set?

    Thanks, My wife hates it. She keeps nudging me to buy one instead of my Ghetto Cabinet. I haven't ran into one I like though. Usually it has small amounts of storage. Sorry, use my cell phone that is constantly in my pocket. I'm hazy on the terms CP and MLP. If you're talking about the...
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    What is your gaming set?

    I mostly use my Ghetto Cabinet.
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    Games announced that would make you get excited

    I don't know if everyone is feeling like this, but every time a new game comes out or gets announced I get a "Meh, we'll see how it goes." attitude towards it. I haven't been excited for a new video game since KOF XII. Here's some games that might change that for me. What about you? Capcom vs...
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    St. Louis Gathering

    I'm debating if it would be worth trying to set up something at my home around mid/late May (Lake St. Louis, MO). Anybody interested?
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    I don't have the DVD, but I do have the Japanese laserdisc. The only thing after the movie was the trailer and tv spots which I believe were on the Viz old VHS release. Only thing I remember that was different was the ending song was in Japanese, however I never really got around to comparing...
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    Games you love that kick your @$$

    So, this is a spin off on the Metal Slug side topic that got me interested. Do you have any games that you just suck at but play all the time because they are so much fun? Ones that I have been messing with that I suck at: Donkey Kong Pac Man Rastan Volgarr the Viking The Main Event Ghosts...
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    Anybody play Metal Slug past X?

    So got into a Metal Slug kick of late and realized I never want to play anything past X anymore. 3 is a real chore to get through and the rest I might play for a second and get bored once you get to the ridiculous bosses and find yourself either wasting credits or giving up quickly because of...
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    When did KOF XIII Steam get a crazy good netcode?

    I played a bunch of 2 and 1 bar matches last night and they play like 4 bar matches. I don't remember it being this good. Did I miss an update somewhere down the road?
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    Movie or TV Pussy Guys who are B.A. in Real Life

    The hollywood tough guys thread pretty much was all the usual suspects for the most part. I'd like to see some you never knew could kick your ass if they needed to. My nomination is Bob Ross Ross enlisted in the United States Air Force at 18 years old and served as a medical records...
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    Tekken Producer Says: 鉄ince when did everyone become so knowledgeable about input lag? So basically the guy who's series netcode is based off of adding extra input delay at the very start to offset internet input delay you'll get is saying we don't...