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  1. neo-geo 2

    US Homecarts Metal Slug X Neo XYX KOF 96

    MSX 3400 Neo XYX 1100 KOF 96 No Manual 400 Will ship worldwide PP friends and family
  2. neo-geo 2

    FS: neo geo games

    countertops aint cheap son. can eat the interest on the cards for a bit but would be nice to free some funds up i bought these a long time ago from Americans. guaranteed to never have been in france MSX 3500 MOTW 3000 SOLD 3275 Payapl gift or add 4% will ship...
  3. neo-geo 2

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Scooped a 2 slot mvs for 157 dollars, and a working carrier air wing pcb in a z back cab for 90, and the sad pooyan that i paid too much for
  4. neo-geo 2

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Xv29 Picked up at a computer store Should do 15khz rgb, vga looks ok, might need a cap kit
  5. neo-geo 2

    CRT Fetish Thread

    Ended up buying it and hauling it home, now to figure out a way to hang it in the wall
  6. neo-geo 2

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Addams familu
  7. neo-geo 2

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Thanks to neoDogg for the lb2. I've been packing the basement with project cabs, here's what I grabbed over the winter
  8. neo-geo 2

    Ganryu question

  9. neo-geo 2

    FS: Big Tymer AES & MVS Carts

    These I offer up for sale to public for first time Sengoku US AES $100 Blues Journey US AES $75 Crossed Swords 2 MVS $130 Ironclad MVS $130 Inspection of games to your eyes to come. Have commissioned photo-realistic imagery. Send message if interested
  10. neo-geo 2

    FS/T: MVS Kits, AES Games

    Getting ready to move and the new place has unstable air in the basement so these are getting left behind. Kits are complete numbers matching and range from very good to mint. Have: 3 Count Bout $150 Sengoku $150 Blues journey $100 Shock Troopers 2nd hold Sonic...
  11. neo-geo 2

    FS: Bust-A-Move / Puzzle Bobble AES

    Finally found a MVS kit for this game so I no longer need this. It is a maskrom conversion, included is jp insert and cd manual, as well as a shitty us insert. $180 shipped
  12. neo-geo 2

    Neo-Geo 2's Collection

    Figured it was about time for an update, last was in 03, does the collection gallery even work anymore?
  13. neo-geo 2

    Blue cart special minty MVS Kits Shock Troopers 2, Bust A Move Again

    Shock Troopers 2nd $200 Bust A Move Again $235 will include one genesis game for free with each kit, please let me know which one you want
  14. neo-geo 2

    FT: MVS Kits; PrIsle2, BlzgStr, BAMA, ShkTrp2, BngBd.

    Have: All kits are near mint complete matching english Pre Isle 2 (has writing on back of box) Blazing Star Bust A Move Again Shock Troopers 2 Bang Bead Want: Needs to be near mint complete matching english Overtop Magical Drop 3 Money Puzzle Exchanger (Jp) League bowling AES Euro Candy...
  15. neo-geo 2

    FS/T: Few MVS Kits, KOF95 AES JPN

    Looking for Overtop and Magical Drop 3 Kits. Have the following complete minty matching kits for sale/ trade: BAMA: 275 Shock Troopers 2: 200 MS2: SOLD MS4: SOLD Capt Tom: SOLD KOF95 gamer cond: HOLD ( jennety) Krustys: 35 Prices do not include shipping If you need more pictures let me...
  16. neo-geo 2

    WTB: Strikers 1945 MVS Kit Matching Serials

    please pm me with pictures and a price, thanks
  17. neo-geo 2

    WTB: 3 new Style Snap Lock Cases

    PM me with pictures and prices please
  18. neo-geo 2

    Metal Slug 3 AES

    Please take a look, whats going on with the unsoldered pin? httP://
  19. neo-geo 2

    WTB: US Metal Slug 3 home cart

    found, thanks