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  1. krautcroissant

    Why is Kizuna Encounter (European version) so rare?

    Found this a few years ago while clearing my granddad's house in Germany. Old video game magazine that my brother and I used to occasionally get bought by the big man. Took a Photo of this ad.... back in German Mark times. Check out the Kizouna. Now if only I had known back then, little me...
  2. krautcroissant

    Maro Werbung von ca. 1998

    Wollte das schon lange posten: Beim ausräumen des Hauses meines Opas gefunden und ein Foto davon gemacht. Wenn ich nur Zeitreisen könnte :loco:
  3. krautcroissant

    FS: CMVS, sticks and Framemeister XRGB.

    I have not been engaged in the community or the scene for a long time, but still own this nice little setup which gets game time every now and then. However, physically moving on and just cannot take it with me anymore. The whole set-uoo is a bunch of boxes which I'm planning to bring to the...
  4. krautcroissant

    Omega CMVS

    Greetings.. I have been off the forums for a while. Life.... Recently dug out the CMVS and love it as much as ever. However, I want that AES feel back... but trading all in for an AES set-up... that's just crazy. even for my standards. Hence.. looking to buy one. Before I go the...
  5. krautcroissant

    Buying Neo Geo games in Japan!

    And... the following pictures were all taken in Mak, Akihabara. Enjoy :)
  6. krautcroissant

    Buying Neo Geo games in Japan!

    Here are the 'wanted' posters at Trader.... which surprisingly enough do not offer a lot of cash for homecarts (when compared to what they sell them for especially).
  7. krautcroissant

    Buying Neo Geo games in Japan!

    Don't know what happened to my attachments there. I will upload them again as I am sure there will be some people here that will enjoy looking at the carts and the prices. Here goes: All these are titles for sale at Trader in Akihabara, apart from the last one which is from Super...
  8. krautcroissant

    Post a Pic of your CMVS, AES or Neo CD............

    Been meaning to do this for ages.... Here she is. Built by Beharius in Istanbul. Hope you like.
  9. krautcroissant

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Last week's trip to Japan made me buy shit... For the first time in ages I bought retro gaming gear. The stick is mint and was gotten for 2000 Yen in Super Potato, Osaka. The Framemeister was 34,000 Yen (including mofo tax, cough cough) at Trader in Akihabara. The Super Famicom stuff I...
  10. krautcroissant

    Thailand - Bangkok members??

    So... I have not logged into the forums for ages as I have been busy with life etc. Moved back to Thailand - Bangkok,, and I think this is the right place for this kind of thread. I saw before that there is some members that live in the big mango, and I wanted to connect with them. I sold...
  11. krautcroissant

    PS3 Dragon's Crown FS

    Not loving it as much as I thought I would. Mint condition. 15 GBP shipped in the UK and EU, 18 rest of the world. I'll eat PayPal fees. Happy to send pix. Cheers :)
  12. krautcroissant

    2-Slot CMVS and Joystick FS, preferably within EU

    So, first off: I am not great at describing my stuff for sale but am happy to answer questions. I just fractured my foot two days ago and so am on the sofa with time on my hands to answer questions. I live in Istanbul for the time being, but my sister is coming out and could take the Unit and...
  13. krautcroissant

    SOLD - Magical Drop 3 MVS cart

    SOLD for 53 UK squids (includes postage to the North Americas). Do not need this cart anymore. 50 GBP posted within the UK and EU. add 3 GBP for international postage. Paypal please, and please do cover the charges. (I hope this price is accurate, if not please feel free to point out if I...
  14. krautcroissant

    Waku Waku 7 MVS SOLD

    So I have sold my homecart system and am keeping just a small collection of MVS carts. One cart that I love, but do not play enough, is Waku. Original game, looking for a loving home. 60 GBP shipped in Europe, slightly more overseas. SOLD As for trades, I am looking for the following MVS...
  15. krautcroissant

    AES gamer condition carts UPDATE more carts

    Found Samsho 2 and Art of Fighting 2, and added these. Also saw that only KOF 98 & 2002 are loose. The others all have cases, albeit not in great condition, and some without inserts (Nam, BB2, AOF2) - still nice though if you're planning to print inserts and pop them on your shelf. I hope the...
  16. krautcroissant

    AES gamer condition carts UPDATE more carts

    Sold the homecart system and most carts. Here is what is left. EDIT: some joker has pulled out of buying a lot of carts... well, he did not pull out per se, but he wanted me to post the carts first and then pay me. Says he got ripped off and thus doesn't want this to happen again. Funnily...
  17. krautcroissant

    Neo Geo AES system and games

  18. krautcroissant

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I finally got my custom-built stick this weekend when I went to Istanbul. I had originally bought this baby from alphagamer: Unfortunately the cardboard box was not up to it anymore, so I sent it to...
  19. krautcroissant

    Last Blade Japanese Homecart please

    I sold my Last Blade 2 cart and am starting to regret it a lot! I used to own part 1, and always wanted it back.. beautiful game and beautiful insert! So, if you have a Japanese Last Blade homecart, then please get in touch. Willing to buy or trade.