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  1. jsjesse

    WTB Cps2 Feet and Clips

    Looking to buy cps2 feet brackets that go on the a-board and the clips that hold the a/b boards together. If you have an extra set please pm me, or text me. 281-975-9710 Jesse Thanks
  2. jsjesse

    Capcom Mini Cute Restoration(Updated and Almost Done)

    Hello all.. Not sure if you guys remember but I had picked up a couple of arcade cabinets a couple of years ago in Austin. One was the Nintendo Red Tent and the other was a Capcom Mini Cute. When I got it, the cabinet was pretty badly banged up. It had rust spots all over the place, dings and...
  3. jsjesse

    Accessing Control Panel In A Capcom Mini-Cute

    Well, I just picked up a Mini-Cute and I am in the process of tearing it down and I cannot figure out how to open up the control panel to access the buttons and overlay. Is there anyone here who has one? Is there a latch like the Neo-Geo Mini? I've removed the 2 locks that are underneath the...
  4. jsjesse

    Nintendo Red Tent Owners - Questions For You

    I've come across a good deal for a tent cab, and I wanted to know if anyone here has modded one of these for use with other NES titles that weren't originally offered in the VS library. I thought about doing a Mame style project that would only play NES games, but to my knowledge this cabinet...
  5. jsjesse

    Picked Up a Neo 50 but Having Problems With Sound..Help Please!

    I just picked up a Neo 50(50 inch screen..setup similar to the Megalo 2)and it's definitely a dedicated Neo Cab but when I plugged in my MVS 4 slot the sound was only coming from one speaker and sounded like CRAP! Does anyone here own one of these?? How do I get the sound to come out correctly...
  6. jsjesse

    Capcom Impress 29 - How Do You Access The Speakers??

    I think one of my speakers has blown out. How do you guys(who own an impress)gain access to the speakers behind the grills? Any help would be appreciated. :)
  7. jsjesse

    Finally Got My Taito Egret Working!

    Well, the cab hadn't been cranked up in years so I did some dusting/cleaning inside and out. Turned it on and the monitor was totally out of wack. Looked garbled to say the least. I hit the degauze(sp?)button and tweaked the settings on the monitor and voila! It's a thing of beauty! Now I...
  8. jsjesse

    Sounds Went Dead In My SF1 Cab...Help Please

    I powered on my SF1 cabinet and everything was fine until the sound literally faded away. Now there is no sound at all. Picture is fine, controls are fine. I checked the connections to the jamma harness and the speakers everything looks ok. Has this happened to anyone before? Any ideas on...
  9. jsjesse

    Easy DOA Stick Mod For Those of You Wanting To Play Some SF2 on XBLA

    I posted this over at SRK and I thought I would share with the rest of the forums I post on. Look me up on XBLA. My Gamertag is Jumpsuit Hope this mod helps!
  10. jsjesse

    Neo Geo USA Arcade Cabinets + Other Arcade Games FS-Houston Area

    My friend Chris Wong(Cmutt) owner of The Stargate Arcade is letting go almost all of his fighting game cabinets. 2 of them are USA Neo Geo Dedicated Cabs(4 Slot and a 6 Slot). Just trying to help a friend out by posting his games for sale in here. He has several up on Ebay already. The ones...
  11. jsjesse

    Who Here Owns a Cocktail Cab?

    Ok I must confess. I am a Pac Man/Ms. Pac Man whore. I collect anything and everything that is Pac Man. Every week I go on ebay and I eyeball and drool over those old skool Ms Pac Man Cocktail Cabs that are always going for insane prices. Who here owns a cocktail style cabinet? Doesn't...
  12. jsjesse

    What Upgrades Have You Done To Your Cabs?

    I know alot of you have both Japanese cabs and US cabs and I was wanting to know if any of you have done any kind of upgrades to the cabinet. I was taking apart my mini neo 19 to detail clean it and I noticed that the speakers in it were very very small and paper thin. I thought about hooking...
  13. jsjesse

    Did I Get an OK Deal?? Need Advice On These Arcade Items

    My buddy was needing to sell some of his arcade hardware and he asked if I wanted to buy. He offered me: 1 Capcom Impress Cabinet with Street Fighter Anniversary Ed. 1 Street Fighter 1(1987) Dedicated 6 Button Style Cab - Working 1 Metal Slug X for MVS 1 Bust A Move Again 1 King of Fighters 98...
  14. jsjesse

    Thinking About Selling My Capcom Impress With Console To Jamma Converter..Need Advice

    I wanted to know what is a reasonable price to ask for my Capcom Impress Cab. It's in overall good condition. No cracks....just some slight yellowing on the backside, the coin mech has been changed to take US quarters. The monitor is still bright and vivid. Brand New Sanwa Sticks and Sanwa...
  15. jsjesse

    Ok, What's Wrong?? Buzzing Monitor!

    Ok, just recently I hooked up my CPS 2 board to my Impress Cabinet and the game is Super SF2 Turbo. As you guys have seen the screen starts out BLACK with Ryu bouncing up and down and it has lightning flashing right.... ok Well all during the black screens there is a high pitched buzz that...
  16. jsjesse

    FS: Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting Arcade Cabinet

    I am located in Houston. I am selling a SF2 Turbo Hyper Fighting Arcade Game. It's in pretty good condition and the monitor is still very bright with no problems. It's a Dynamo "Z"Cabinet It has some cigarette burns on the plexiglass that goes over the control panel and some traces of old...
  17. jsjesse

    It's Been a Long Time....Getting Back Into MVS and Cabinet Collecting

    Hello all.... I have been gone a long time and my wife and I want to get back into the MVS and CPS2 scene. So far we have been collecting a few Neo titles for the Neo Geo Pocket and a few CPS2 boards.....but we have some questions regarding places to get stuff, advice and ideas.... We have a...
  18. jsjesse

    Joystick Replacements For SNK Mini Neo Geo Cabinet??

    I was wondering if anyone here has this cabinet?? These joysticks look really small, and I have seen some Japanese sticks for sale on some sites but I don't think they will fit. Anyone here know what exact parts to ask for and where to get them?? The switches in both sticks are beginning to...
  19. jsjesse

    Super Dodge Ball MVS Kit For Sale

    I am selling my Super DodgeBall MVS Kit. It's an original cart(not a boot) with all the stickers and artwork. It doesn't have the original box, and I have a photocopied marquee. Other than that, everything else in the package is mint. It's a USA Cart. Please make me an offer. I am...
  20. jsjesse

    MVS Stereo Wiring Mods, and Jamma Diagrams? Please Help

    Hi guys. My friend and I have a 6 Slot mvs board coming in and we wanna put it into a regular Jamma cabinet. Can anyone please post some links with the info on how to do the sound modification?? Also, we don't know what other wiring mods we'll have to do so if you can offer some insight and...