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    Happy Birthday, Arcademan

    HBD to the birthday celebrator himself! :buttrock:
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    Best Buy to stop selling DVD's and Blu-Rays next year. This really sucks. More and more, physical media is being slowly phased out, or at least becoming more of a niche. I really hope Best Buy at least does 1 last sale since there're still quite a few Blu-Ray...
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    What was your worst year?

    2012 - Senior year at HS was extremely stressful to the point that I was almost ready to tap out by the end. Making matters worse, my mom had a stroke and had to be taken to the hospital during the school year. My brother also started to become an alcoholic around in the summer. 2016 - My mom...
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    Weekly Roundup 8/2

    Xbox: Otogi: Myth of Demons - Currently stuck in the level where you have to find the 4 guardians and kill them, which is late in the game. PS2: Burnout 3: Takedown - What a great racing game. It's one of my favorite racing games on the PS2. KOF Orochi Collection - Played a bit of '96 & '97...
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    Japangamestock worth buying from? I've been thinking about ordering some stuff from their site. There's been quite a bit of positive feedback even up to a few years ago, but I couldn't find much feedback that was more recent (around last year or so) so I don't know if they're worth dealing with...
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    Happy birthday, Taiso!

    Here's to many more, fellow Illinoisan! :buttrock:
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    A few questions about customs.

    Gonna be ordering an item from Japan soon. Do items usually become held up by customs & if they do, how long do they usually stay there for?
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    Is it still worth keeping a X360?

    Got a 360 back in Christmas 07 when it was much better than PS3. Recently though, it seems like the PS3 is now the definitive HD console to own. So many exclusives that are coming out that look great. Kinda odd that the same went for the 360 back a few years ago. I know that the majority of...
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    Breath of Fire 6 announced...

    and it's for the PC, IOS, & Android. Seriously, Capcom? Seriously? 10 years since the last main series entry, and we're getting a mobile game? :oh_no:
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    Best Super Famicom RPG?

    I've been thinking about getting any one of these games: Seiken Densetsu 3 Bahamut Lagoon Treasure Hunter G Lennus 2 Energy Breaker I'm not planning to get Star Ocean just yet until I get a PSP.
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    Happy birthday, Fox1!

    Happy black friday birthday, friend! :buttrock:
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    Best giftcard buyback website?

    I have a $65 Gamestop giftcard that I got last year and never used since I don't go there anymore. Any good websites that buy gift cards?
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    Any good SNES games out there that are still cheap?

    A lot of SNES games I saw, even some of more common ones are commanding pretty high prices, around $20 at least (not including shipping costs). Any great SNES games out there that are still cheap, like under $20-25? I can only use Amazon since I have no Paypal nor a credit card (I use amazon...
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    My modest game collection.

    Just my modest game collection. I didn't take pictures of my console setup because it's very messy right now. I have a Super NES, GBC, Dreamcast, 2 GBA's, Gamecube, Slim PS2, DS Lite, and a Wii. I apologize if the quality is bad. My PS2 games. I have NGBC opened up because the game didn't...
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    Nintendo Power shuts down after 24 years. Noooo...a childhood favorite of mine...gone. :crying:
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    Happy birthday: inmemoryofclint & Jetblue

    Happy birthday to some really awesome chat mates! Hope both of ya have a good one! :buttrock:
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    What Guilty Gear should I start out on?

    I've been thinking about getting into the series for a while now, but to be honest, I'm not sure which game I should start out on. Should I start out with any of the early Guilty Gear games & work my way up, or should I just stick to the newest game in the series? Also, are there enough...
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    What're some good Gamecube games that I should get?

    Since there's a lot of Gamecube games which I didn't get to play when they 1st came out, I'm starting to buy them again. What're some good ones? I have right now: Super Mario Sunshine SSBM Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Pikmin Metroid Prime 1 Animal Crossing Star Wars Rogue Squadron III Mario...
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    Greetings, everyone!

    Hi, I've been here for almost a year now, but I wasn't that active until recently. This introduction is way overdue, I might as well do it though. Anyways, Marktheshark here. I currently live at Elk Grove Village, IL which is around 40-60 minutes away from Chicago. I'm currently thinking about...