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    MN - Sat. 11/18/2006 - Fight, for your right, to PAAAAAAARTY!!!

    So last weekend was pretty cool going out to the Bulldog n' all. This weekend is geared up to be more of the same plus some. The only problem is that we need a place to meet up (someone's place to drink before we go out to drink) and a central place to go back to after the bar closes for...
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    MN - Movies Tonight (11/10/2006) @ Carmike 15 Apple Valley

    I'm going to see 3 or 4 movies tonight... back to back to back. The theatre is Carmike 15 - Apple Valley. If anyone's interested in seeing the following, post here, give me a call, or just show up. If you try calling and I don't answer, I'm probably in a movie... leave a message and I'll...
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    MN - Movie Roll Call (11/09/2006 & 11/14/2006)

    Going to see a few movies over the next week at The Riverview. Reply here, give me a call, or just show up if you're interested in going. 11/09/2006 Hollywoodland @ 9:40pm 11/14/2006 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest @ 7:00pm...
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    MN - Last minute roll call (10/10/2006) Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

    Tonight (10/10/2006) @ 9:10pm @ The Riverview Theatre. It's discount night... all of $2.00. CHEAP!!! Hope to see some of you there. Criterionradiohead ;)
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    Reading: Starting/Joining A Book Club

    I don't read as much as I would like to. I thought a good way of doing this would be joining a book club. Then I got to thinking, even better than joining a book club, would be starting one with the fine people here at So here I am to gage the interest of who might be interested in...
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    DVD Audio Track to CD Format Question

    I was hoping that someone here would know something about how to do this. There is a song I want to take off of the first season of The Muppet show and put on a CD. 1) Does anyone know of a program that is capable of this (preferably free)? 2) I'm also looking for a good program that I can...
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    What are you listening to, and for whom you recomend it.

    I love the "What are you listening to" threads, but I rarely know what to check out. All to often it's just an artist and a song/album. Here I'm asking you fine people to recomend some of your favorite music choices to each other, why you like it, and why others might like it. No real system...
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    MN Kids: The Old Man and the Camera

    The Old Man (better known to some as Naitram) will be displaying his photography as part of the Saint Paul Art Crawl this Friday and Saturday April 22nd and 23rd. Where: Northern Warehouse @ 308 Prince St. #612 Downtown St. Paul, MN Just East of the Broadway and Prince St. Intersection A MAP...
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    MN Folks... What's going down this weekend (04/16/05)?

    It's been a while since I have seen some of you and was thinking we should try to throw something together for this weekend. I don't care what we do... Hooters, a movie, poker, games, drinking, etc. Anyway, if you are free this Saturday (04/16/2005) night, let me know. Talk with you all...
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    MN Roll Call: The Life Aquatic; Dec. 25th

    So I have this tradition of going to see movies in the evening on Christmas day for the past several years and this year will be no different. I hope a few of you can make it. I'm thinking an approximate 9:00 PM movie at where ever is most convenient for the masses. Criterionradiohead ;)
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    MN Neo Gathering... Saturday January 8th, 2005

    We've done this a few times now. Planning these things gets easier every time. Basically bring your games, TV’s, food, pop, other beverages, etc. and have a good time. I guess it's open discussion for what to do for food and what not. It will be held at my new apartment building. I'll post...
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    I need some Comic Book help.

    I'm thinking about getting back into comics again. I have a strong ambition to read the past 20 years of X-men and several of the side stories. Question is, is there some kind of database that has information about comic book storylines... more specificly I'm looking for information on...
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    WANTED: Sega Saturn Hori Stick or Japanese Virtua Stick

    I'm looking for either of the below sticks for the Sega Saturn... preferably boxed, but if all you have is the stick itself that will be fine too. Need delivered by Friday September 24th. Hori Stick - Japanese Virtua Stick - I have no idea how much these are worth so be nice and let me...
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    MN Roll Call: Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned... / Wednesday 09/01/04 @ 9:30

    I don't think this movie really needs any kind of introduction. It's tomorrow at The Oak Street Cinema @ 9:30... a new 35mm print for the 40th aniversary of the movie. Here's a couple links if you need them.
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    MN Roll Call: Donnie Darko Directors Cut... TONIGHT (08/31/04)!!!

    Sorry about the short notice on this one. I'll be going tonight at either 7:45 or 10:30/ It's only showing at one theatre, The Block E (BOBAK WHERE YOU AT)! I'm leaning a bit more twords 10:30... that way anyone and everyone should be able to make it, but if you have a good reason why we...
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    MN Roll Call: Jim Jarmusch D. Feature @ The Oak Street... Dead Man & Mystery Train

    Anyone care to join me? Dead Man @ 7:20 PM Sunday August 15th Mystery Train @ 9:40 PM " " Perhaps we could meet up for gaming and dinner before hand??? Oh, and if I owed any of you money, I will have it by then (Jasen and Delly, I think you were the only two... I hope)...
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    MN Roll Call: Oak Street Double Feature

    The Oak Street Cinema (AKA dingiest theatre in the Twin Cities) is showing an awesome double feature on Wednesday July 14th and Thursday July 15th, Chinatown and The Long Goodbye. Chinatown starts at 7:00 and the Long Goodbye is at 9:40. Both films are also showing again on Thursday with...
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    Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck...

    So a friend and I were arguing about this. Is it Duck Duck... GREY DUCK! or Duck Duck... GOOSE! I say Grey Duck, anything else is just silly. Criterionradiohead ;) P.S. Sorry to all who clicked this thinking it was a Duck King thread. :mr_t:
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    MN Roll Call: Twilight Samurai & Coffee and Cigerattes

    I thought I'd check and see if anybody has interest in going to see either of these movies this coming weekend (May 28th - 31st). They have both been out for a while, but are just making it to MN this weekend. Linkys with more info... Coffee and Cigarettes The Twilight Samurai As they...
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    Clasic Game Compilations... Need Help.

    I'm trying to figure out how many/what companies have put out compolation disks for the Playstation 1 and 2. Please list off as many as you can think of. Thank you for your help, Criterionradiohead ;)