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    Is Trump having a style meltdown on Twitter?

    I feel like I have seen this before....
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    Record collecting

    Don't be too hopeful. Although a later tweet commented on how we might see a bunch of live shows released. Why is hip-hop vinyl so cheap?
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    time for a well earned vacation
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    Thought Cassettes were useless? Apparently not Sony Crams 3,700 Blu-Rays' Worth of Storage in a Single Cassette Tape Not sure why this would come to market as I...
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    Post your keyboard controllers, synths, drum machines, etc!

    Well if you have no intention of utilizing the full range of a traditional keyboard they are much less expensive, and much easier to transport and store. For recording you can always change the octave after the first recording and dub over with the new range. Just some Roland V drums. I...
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    Ultimate Warrior Dead days after Wrestlemania 30!

    well there is this guy...
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    Best of April Fools

    Post the good finds here. One I've noticed: Open Google maps, then tap the search bar, and then hit the 'press start' button have fun
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    Games with moral choice systems: Do you go good or evil?

    Since most games with this system have the rigid option of going one way or the other I have noticed that people have a tendency to go one route initially when playing a game. I myself usually go the good route. Tends to be a more challenging experience and I enjoy not being a cartoonishly...
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    To Serve and Profit Nothing new that we haven't discussed here before, but figured another thread of angry fist waving at police won't harm us
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    What was your favorite movie as a kid that wasn't a kid's movie?

    Being more of a 90s kid I could not get enough of Jurassic Park, but obviously I loved Star Wars too. Oddly The Fugitive and Monty Python's Search For The Grail were favorites as well. I wasn't allowed to see very violent movies as a kid (anything rated R, and barely any PG-13)
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    Man arrested in (go figure) Florida for making mutant taxidermy Illegal because he was importing endangered species (I didn't quite get if they were living or dead at the time).
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    So ummmm Russia....

    Approved troops entering Ukraine.
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    So there is some fuck stealing mail in my apartment building

    Title says it all. Seems to happen more with USPS packages. I ordered a couple books on Amazon and they both were "confirmed delivered" but never arrived. Roomate just had the same thing happen with something he ordered online too. Obviously I am not sure if it is someone in the building or...
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    Missouri gun murders 'rose after law repeal'

    From the BBC. I'll see if I can find the actual article so the methodology can be observed. There obviously endless factors to consider, but figured its worth having the discussion since it comes up quite often here.
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    Robocop remake (2014 movie)

    Actually it's pronounced Robert Cop
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    Kansas to LGBT individuals: Go Fuck yourself By no means am I an expert in law/laws/ or anything related so I apologize if the article is misrepresenting the context of the bill being passed. Here is a link to the...
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    13,000 people play the same pokemon game together This doesn't mean 13,000 people are each playing pokemon games together, but that they are playing the same game together. The twitch host has set it up so that when you type a command in you can control the character. In theory its kind of cool, but...
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    Quick car stereo question

    Not certain if anyone here is familiar with the subject, but some digging around online didn't yield and specific help. So new laws in Illinois now require the use of hands free phone usage in the car. This an opportune time to upgrade my current car stereo since it does not have bluetooth...
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    Collection of photos from Ukraine Some great shots. Some favorites Starscream was there as well, venturing out of his house to get some Popeyes
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    First wheels

    '92 Achieva. 2grand and lasted me 6 years or so which was shocking. The story of how it left my possession is far more interesting than how I got it.