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  1. bartre

    SOLD: 2 slot CMVS w/ neoVGA

    Yeah I tried no metal but the plexi would sag without the support
  2. bartre

    SOLD: 2 slot CMVS w/ neoVGA

    I was using a laptop style brick sourced off digikey. This has been SOLD with a Chihiro Mobo for $675
  3. bartre

    SOLD: 2 slot CMVS w/ neoVGA

    No longer needed so im selling 2 slot CMVS with neoVGA output board Outputs VGA & component 480p, RGB & Component 240p Powder coated metal plate & lions3 acrylic plates $375 shipped
  4. bartre

    WTB: Atomiswave carts

    hey all, scooped an atomiswave mobo the other day, looking to snag some carts to go with it, bootlegs are fine. Dolphin Blue Rumble fish 2 Guilty Gear 1.5 Fist of the North Star Samurai Shodown 6 let me know what you've got, I'm also still looking for a Street Fighter EX2+ board
  5. bartre

    The lost Evangelion PSA has been found

    Skip to about 7:08 if you want to skip the backstory- An interesting note in anime history. The city of Houston comissioned 2 of the voice actors from Eva to record an AIDS PSA. The story goes that it came out too explicit and was canned, with the only recording...
  6. bartre

    MV-2F not registering 2P down

    Hey guys, I've got my 2 slot cmvs using the MV-2F motherboard and the neoVGA for video. Unfortunately, for player 2 the down direction isn't registering. This is on both the controller port and over the jamma edge. I'm not exactly sure where to start on troubleshooting this, any ideas? Thanks!
  7. bartre

    WTS: My Cyclical purge- PSX thru PS4 era

    Hey all, trimming the stuff I haven't used as much as I thought. Pics can be found here Shipping included if you spend $35, and prices were mostly just eyeballed so I'm open to offers. If I'm out of line on something, lemme know and I can be flexible. PS4...
  8. bartre

    WTB: Street Fighter or other fighters

    Like the title says, I'm looking for pcbs of a few street fighter games- EX (prefer some version of 2, but not picky) The movie Also interested in other fighters, like ehrgeiz, tekken tag, or soul calibur Thanks!
  9. bartre

    Video ram error - 2 slot

    Hey guys, Got a 2 slot MVS motherboard that's giving me a a video ram error on bootup. Error message is - Address Write Read 00008000 55555 0F00 based on what I'm reading, that's indicating the RAM chips are bad. is there anything else I should check before replacing chips...
  10. bartre

    So my local game shops have been going insane Backstory- at the end of last year the long standing local chain shut down. It was called gamers. Another semi local chain based out of Lincoln took care of the liquidation sale for the...
  11. bartre

    SOLD: Magical drop 2 Kit

    Don't really play this since bust a move Pics - Cart has scratched serials, everything else is in good shape. $50 shipped? OBO
  12. bartre

    FS: RGB modded Twin Famicom bundle

    Changed it up to an NES w/ Everdrive, so I don't need this. I'd prefer to sell as a bundle, but I'll split if there's enough interest. System outputs Composite, S-Video, and RGB via Neo Geo pinout RGB connector. I'm including RCA and Euro scart cables as well as all games pictured. Asking...
  13. bartre

    FS: the last of my PCBs

    Well my cab is gone, and I'm getting ready to move, so it's time to let these go. Prices are OBO and let me know if I'm way off on any of these, some I had to take a shot in the dark on. shipping not included, payment via paypal gift or +4% Pics on request TMNT Turtles in Time Conversion (from...
  14. bartre

    Neo geo 1 slot red lines on screen

    So I'm helping my buddy with his 1 slot in a dynamo cab. Occasionally we get one or both of two issues- 1- red horizontal lines that appear and disappear randomly. Pretty sure this is the monitor, as this comes into play with other pcbs 2- red vertical lines and slightly messed up colors...
  15. bartre

    SOLD: Namco Cyberlead (Omaha, NE)

    EDIT - SOLD It's time to let this one go. I've got a pretty nice Cyberlead cab for sale here. Includes the full cabinet with original locks, and a PC power supply (original PSU caused issues with the JVS -> Jamma adapter) Namco JVS -> Jamma adapter FrancoB marquee...
  16. bartre

    FS: NAOMI Capcom I/O & Melty Blood AA cart

    as stated in the title, for sale individually or together. I've got the cables for the I/O, but I was too lazy to put them in the picture. pricing- I/O - $150 shipped Melty Blood - $125 shipped as always, I'll listen to an offer, let me know if I've been huffing paint on the pricing. payment...
  17. bartre

    Saturn controller repairs

    So I got a small army of saturn controllers over the summer, and a few didn't work. I've got some JP saturn controllers where it looks like the shoulder button switch has gone bad, does anyone know a replacement part? Second, and the more interesting of the problems; I've got a Saturn Twin...
  18. bartre

    FS: Daioh PCB 6-Button Version (was Punisher)

    Recycled topic Selling my Daioh PCB, includes fancy box and 6 button harness. again, didn't get a price in the what's it worth thread, so I'll start at $300 OBO shipping included, +fees (can't find any pricing that isn't more than a few years old) Also willing to trade for MIDI hardware or a...
  19. bartre

    Double dose of dead saturns

    So I've got 2 dead saturns that I feel I should get around to fixing. Saturn #1 - US model 1 (oval buttons, access light) The system spins the disc, but never quite makes it to the game starting. All other behavior is normal. Saturn #2 - JP model 2 (white, circular buttons) The system clicks...
  20. bartre

    Arcade stick art

    so I picked up UMVC 3 again. thought I'd throw some new art at a stick of mine. anyone have thoughts about this? something I kinda threw together, forgive imgur's jpeg.