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    the hard r gaming podcast another new episode thought you guys might be interested so here ya go thanks for listening and giving feedback
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    the hard r gaming podcast

    some friends and i are making podcast episodes please provide feedback and or enjoy thanks 2 episodes and another incoming
  3. J

    shenmue 2 and the division

    the division 25 shipped shenmue 2 25 shipped
  4. J

    Moving to norcal where to buy machines?

    I am moving to northern california to work for an IT company on a contract with Google and was hoping to grab a few nice machines for my place to unwind after work-any suggestions? I'm willing to hit various places around the bay and also as far north as sacramento.
  5. J

    help me buy textbooks sale!

    My finances are in poor shape and school is starting. So these are for sale: harmony cart deluxe edition brand new unused (sadly) 65 shipped Atari shot glass 6pack pong centipede etc 20 shipped Famicom disk system great condition tested with new belt and 7 games a duplicate or two in the pile...
  6. J

    Retrogamer magazines 6+ issues

    Inlcuding the new neo geo issue #70 I think I can get these in a priority box somehow so if I can that's 10.35 on the shipping and I'll do 25 total to your door (15+shipping total)
  7. J

    help me move

    Need to move out of my current locale asap. Hoping to land a job (which will pay just enough that I still qualify for food stamps.....) anyway yes life is sucking hard right now. Have very little to sell but here goes: HP Firebird 802 desktop this thing is great super quiet with watercooling...
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    gaming computers-desktop and laptop

    Need cash badly need to move out of my current location (family is just not working out) have an HP firebird 802 and an alienware m15x want to part with one or both of them. The firebird I'd like 800 for plus shipping (expect it to run 50-100?) the alienware I'd like about the same say 1000...
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    360 wifi adapter, retro duo, more for sale

    360 wifi adapter 70 shipped priority open to offers retro duo boxed and complete with 4 or more snes games including a few import racing games. 60 shipped Sega genesis model 2 with hookups also a loose 32x I believe make an offer Have a couple of boxed games (non sports) and some loose ones I...
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    360 system, halo odst, retro duo fs

    Limited edition xbox 360 resident evil edition system but no game. Boxed with papers nice and clean used only a few months. 300 plus shipping Halo ODST 40 shipped systems one small one big both 15 shipped one comes with Resident evil and one with the internet cartridge. Retro duo...
  11. J

    help me buy a car sale

    Want a car more than I want my games so here goes: 360 elite resident evil edition complete and in excellent condition. Comes with extra controllers. 350+shipping? Offers are welcome if this is unreasonable seems about the going rate though. No RE game with it sadly. Retro duo system complete...
  12. J

    SF4 arcade stick, HOTD 2/3 wii

    HOTD 2/3 wii no manual but box and dvd 12 shipped SF4 arcade stick 65 shipped works great no abuse etc I'm second owner no box or documents with it just the stick and its not the tourney edition
  13. J

    atari jaguar cd, sengoku 2

    ok my sengoku 2 is up on ebay and my atari jaguar cd (no box) with two controllers a game book ac adapter and 3 games is now 90 shipped any takers?
  14. J

    AES games and more!

    Sengoku 2 us complete not mint but nice 100 shipped nam75, samsho 1 and aof 40 shipped all complete (nam has black markings) Elite beat agents 2 ds complete 10 shipped spiderman 32x 120 shipped complete kolibri 32x complete 25 shipped wii punchout 30 shipped excitebots 30 shipped legend of...
  15. J

    Ibara PS2 fs

    Game is complete and very nice condition second owner haven't played much not sure about the last guy. 150 shipped Akira psychoball (fun pinball game!) 30 shipped-sold Import ps2 as well for 100 shipped? sold! Ibara sold!
  16. J

    need to get rid of stuff dirt cheap!

    Generation NEX console no box 2 controlers both wired. As many games as I can fit in the box will come with it (I'm thinking five of em) 30 shipped? two famicom games also -sold Neo geo aes bundle: Sengoku 2, nam 75, samsho 1, aof 1, $140 shipped with my 1994 catalogue! master system power...
  17. J

    AES games and catalogue for sale

    art of fighting 15 shipped samsho 1 jpn 15 shipped sengoku 2 (not mint but decent) us 100 shipped nam 75 (has black markings on art) 15 shipped 1994 software catalogue very minty 10 shipped Take it all for 130 shipped!
  18. J

    PS2 imports, neo geo, and more

    Espgaluda ps2 import sold xII stag ps2 import 7 sold mushime sama ps2 import 55 sold Guitar freaks psone import 5 shipped nam75 20 shipped art of fighting 20 shipped samsho 1 jpn 20 shipped blazeon snes cart only 5 shipped Super mario bros 3 nes cart 10 shipped cosmic epsilon famicom 5 shipped...
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    blaz blue, Jaguar CD, imports

    Blaz blue 360 collectors edition complete 50 shipped-sold Jaguar CD system #0032 test unit with 3 games also complete 120 shipped Sengoku 2 aes little rough but complete 110 shipped ace combat 5 10 shipped import shinobi import 10 shipped espgaluda import 60 shipped thunderforce VI ps2 import 20...
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    WTB Guitarfreaks ps2

    Want any and all guitar freaks games for ps2 with a controller I have things to trade or cash.