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    The Super Spy AES (English).

    Nice condition all in apart from a cracked tray, will add a pic tomorrow when I fly home. Bought here from MattBlah but finally picked up a Japanese copy to replace it, so just want it cleared out. 」40 inc shipping in the U.K.
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    Mans best friend thread.

    Seems every time someone's dog is spotted on here all the dog owners give a load of interest, so I thought it would be good to see what dogs we all have. Here's my boy, Belushi. (Named after John) 11 years old now and still a madman. Wandering round the loch next to our house recently. And...
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    Various AES & MVS bits.

    Just need to clear some stuff out as I slowly rebuild my collection and need the space. So have the following all including UK shipping with PP gift payment, or plus fees. MVS 161-1 cart - £50 SOLD ON EBAY for £70 AES NAM-1975 (English) uncensored box, censored manual, cart is Japanese as I...
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    Freebie raffle number 3: Samurai Spirits 2 AES (See post 101)

    ***SEE POST 101 for latest giveaway, SS2 AES*** ***Mods please move if I should've put this elsewhere*** Bought a bunch of stuff recently and among it was a Japanese conversion cart of Bomberman Panic Bomber. Not really something I'm interested in having in my own collection, so going to give...
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    WTD: Rage of the Dragons AES, offering rental AES in part ex.

    ok, I'm going to offer my rental system AES as a trade toward a Japanese copy of RotD as it's probably the rarest thing I own someone may want. Any interest, please let me know - Matching serial number on system and box, so a legitimate green stripe console.
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    SNK_Pro 2017.

    So things are slowly coming back together on the AES front again, so I thought I'd do an update. No point dredging up my old thread as it's all gone. :( In 2012 I decided to sell off the remainder of my collection, and all of this went, a large chunk to members on here - Last year I made the...
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    Sales on hold.

    ***ALL SALES ON HOLD UNTIL THE NEW YEAR*** To save replying to the PM's I've had, all sales are on hold until the new year as I'm not going to have time to ship anything. Some unexpected work commitments and us being abroad over the holidays means I'll start listing items at the end of January...
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    Had a fantastic trade with Gyrian recently, and the guy deserves extended feedback for how the deal went. We had agreed doing a trade on AES carts traded either way, made complicated by the fact I'm in Scotland and Gyrian is in the States. We had to decide on a way to conduct it that was going...
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    AES cart graphics glitch.

    Hi guys, would anyone have any idea what could cause a glitch like this on an AES cart and if it was fixable? - The lines are basically present throughout everything in the game. I took a gamble and bought it in the hopes the cart just need a good cleaning of the contacts or something silly...
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    Japanese AES KOF 2003 for trade.

    I've ended up with two copies of this game, so would be interested in trading one for something else, pics to give an idea of condition - Would be interested in a trade, with cash either way if required for any of the following in Japanese AES format - Garou MOTW's Metal Slug 3...
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    WTB: MVS MOTW (Trades added)

    I sold my AES collection a few years back, quite a few bits to members here, but held on like grim death to my beloved MOTW. Earlier this year I stupidly decided to let it go to a member here and I've regretted it ever since. I've slowly started rebuilding my collection, but MOTW is the true...
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    FREE: Super Sidekicks 2 mini marquee, dip/button sheets. (Spanish)

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but might be of use to someone? Had some AES stuff delivered today and for some reason the seller stuck this in - Anyone want it before I bin it? It's of no use to me. It's brand new, I had to unseal the bag for the pic.
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    PC-Engine games inc Magical Chase, Kaze Kiri, Image fight II etc....

    Magical Chase (PC-Engine Fan edition) £95 **SOLD** Shipped 13/7/13 Kaze Kiri (Spine/Reg) £90 **SOLD** Shipped 13/7/13
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    Two boxed original AES sticks, superb condition.

    ***ON HOLD FOR THE MAN BELOW*** I have two original fully boxed with poly inserts AES sticks for sale. Finding them in this condition these days is pretty rare, but I sold my AES yesterday to a member here so they are no longer of any use to me. Pics - Looking to sell as a pair only, and...
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    Japanese AES Rage of the Dragons. ***SOLD****

    £450 inc shipping anywhere in the world.
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    Japanese Metal Slug 3 AES first print. ***SOLD***

    £375 inc shipping to the UK, or £385 for anywhere else in the world.
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    Full KOF set, individual pricing added.

    Can't seem to edit my last sales thread any more, so here's a new one purely for the purpose of selling my KOF set. I can't really stand the thought of splitting it and being left with the odd game or two in the series, so I will only start selling the games once a deal is done for every copy...
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    PC-Engine games.

    Legend of hero Tonma £30 Now £25 Override £35 Now £30 Shubibinman 3 £25 Now £20 Super Darius II £50 Now £45 Image fight II £70 Now £60 SOLD: Rainbow Islands (Spine/reg cards) sold Cotton (Spine/reg cards) sold Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari (Spine card) sold Zero Wing (Brand...