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    Neo Geo Files

    As most of you know, I've been selling my decals on here for a while now, but I no longer have my equipment, so I'm not able to produce these decals anymore. People have asked in the past for my files, so they can get them done themselves, but I never gave them up. Now that I'm not doing it...
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    Memory Card Decals

    As most of you know, I currently sell the memory card / Headphone decal for the MVS-4-25 version 3. I'm thinking next time I need to make more, I may also make some of the other decal used on the 2 & 1 slot machines. Anyone have a rendered TIFF file of this other decal? (scaled to proper size)...
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    Page counter in threads

    Couldn't find good section to post this, so any mod, please feel free move. Is it just me, or with larger threads, do the page counters not work correctly? Here is a link to an example.... There are over 100 posts in this thread, but page...
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    Joystick rebuild??

    My Big Red has one of the sticks that feels "sticky". (best way I can think to describe it) I took it apart and cleaned it up. It did make a improvement, but it's still not a nice feeling as the player 2 stick. Perhaps bushings need replacement? How do you usually fix your sticks?
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    WTT : Neo Side Art for MVS games

    I've actually got some time in my life, and I'm starting to play with my MVS a bit more. Most of you have probably seen my thread selling my side art, so I don't need to go into details as to what it is. I'd like to get a few more games for my machine, and looking to trade some of my artwork...
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    Looking for help converting AI file

    Hi, I've got at home Adobe Illustrator 10. Someone sent me a file they want me to cut out in vinyl, but it was done in a newer version, and therefore I can't open it up. If someone has a newer version of AI, and can take a few minutes to downgrade the file to either Illustrator 8 or 10, please...
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    Finally here. Neo-Geo Memory Stickers / Decals.

    After much waiting, the decals / stickers have finally arrive, and I am pleased with the way they turned out. As I mentioned in my "Interest Check" thread, I'll be selling these for $10 shipped. If payment is being made by PayPal, I'd like to get an extra buck to cover my PayPal charges. If...
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    Interest Check

    Not sure if this is allowed in this part of the forum or not, but if posted incorrectly, please move. There has been much interest in my decals for the side art, and I've had a few people inquire about the decals for the memory / headphone stickers. One of the members was nice enough to e-mail...
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    FS - Neo-Geo Side Art

    I've been making these graphics for a little while now, but have mostly been going by word of mouth. I've sold some to a few guy's here, a few on E-Bay, and on a couple of other gaming sites. Basic info - The graphics were specifically designed for the style machine in the picture below. Side...
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    My feedback thread

    Figured I'd make one thread and post people I've delt with, and how it went. Jaelus - Neo Stickers - Excellent transaction. Fuzionmuse - Neo Stickers - Excellent transaction. Neo1087 - Stickers for his car - Excellent transaction. DegenerateSkate - Neo Stickers. Excellent transaction. scgon -...
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    Found this on e-bay. Someone may need.

    Not sure if it's been posted yet or not. It's not mine.
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    Boots or not? Bust a Move & Turf Masters

    First 2 are Bust a Move, and 2nd 2 are Neo Turf Masters. I suspect they are legit, but not 100% sure, I question Bust a Move because of the windowed e-proms, but seem to recall someone mentioning that they sometimes came like that. Turf Masters don't have any windowed e-proms, or MX chips...
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    Replacement Bulbs

    I've got a Neo 4 slot, and the lights behind the coin reject buttons were not working. The number on the bulbs that were in there were "259". The local automotive place, and Radio Shack don't have that bulb. I used a pair of "168" bulbs. They do physically work, but before I leave it one for...
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    Looking for Control Panel Picture.

    I was looking at my 4 slot, and realized that player 1 & 2 button colors don't match. Just wondering if someone could post a pic of their control panel with the correct buttons and sticks. I'm trying to figure how far out my machine is. Thanks!
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    Power Switch Not Working

    The power switch on my 4 slot is not working. Is it just a standard switch that I can pick up at Radio Shack, or is it special for this machine? Thanks!
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    Painting 4 slot machine

    I have a quick question. I want to repaint my 4 slot. I've got the color codes of this site, but I'm not sure if I can paint over the current vinyl or if I should strip it off. Just wondering what others have done, and if it's easy to strip the vinyl off and how you did it. Thanks!
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    Question about bootlegs

    I'm new to the Neo sceen, and have been reading alot of questions about people trying to figure out if they have legits or bootlegs. I do know what the difference is between one and the other, but other than the fact one is original, and one is a copy, what is the real disadvantage of having a...
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    New member - New machine - help needed

    As you can see, I'm a new member here. I'm not a complete newbe in the home arcade sceen, but close. I just got a 4 slot at an auction yesterday, and looking for some help with what I hope is minor troubleshooting. First, when I was at the auction, I was one of the first there, and when I...