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  1. Ukee

    So my paypal just got hacked into.... again....

    Has anyone one else had problems with Paypal's security not being up to par or am I just that unlucky to have my account hacked twice in less then a year? I isn't even like I've been using my it to buy off the ghetto of the net either, I've only used to pay for ebay items and for private...
  2. Ukee

    So no midnight release of WiiU at GameStop?

    So did anyone get their WiiU yet from a Game Stop? I have been reading reports that Game Stop decided that they were not going to do a midnight release of the new console and even though I don't care for the WiiU I can't help but find this pretty fucked up. I mean all the crap they have been...
  3. Ukee

    Beatmania IIDX PS2 Controller

    Yo guys, this item that a friend of mine is trying to sell, I told him I would tell you guys about it. This is a reversable full sized 7key IIDX controller for the PS2. I got it used 6 years ago, it shows a good amount of wear on it but all buttons and the turn table still functions. The...
  4. Ukee

    Rockman 25th Anniversary

    So I guess this is Capcom's Megaman game to celebrate 25 years. Looks like it isn't as big of a hit as they expected. I noticed they unlisted the video from serches since I first saw it.
  5. Ukee

    New PS3 Model confirmed...

    ...and if it still doesn't play PS2 games does anyone really care?
  6. Ukee

    Volgarr the Viking

    So any one else seen much about this game? The developers just started their kickstarter and I don't normally get involved in kickstarters but I have to admit that I would really like to play this thing from what I am seeing. It really gives me that Ghouls and Ghosts vibe I use to get when I...
  7. Ukee

    FS: Beatmania IIDX 8th Style Marquee

    Yo, I have a friend trying to sell a Beatmania IIDX 8th Style Marquee on ebay right now if any one is interested.
  8. Ukee

    Skylanders in "A penny saved is a dragon earned." or ""Puff, the magic money grabber."

    Skylanders in "A penny saved is a dragon earned." or ""Puff, the magic money grabber." So I am pretty sure ever one is familiar with the game Skylanders, it is a game I have gone out of my way to ignore because of its gimmick (having to buy mini figurines to play as different characters). I was...
  9. Ukee

    CRT T.V. help

    So my neighbor just "upgraded" to a plasma T.V. and just gave me his old 51" Toshiba 51H83. It was a dream come true since I have been searching for a CRT near me that I could set up for my old games. I nearly jizzed when I put on Super Dodge Ball and heard the subwoofer, I got a huge 90's -...
  10. Ukee

    Tourchlight 2

    Is anyone going to be playing? I am thinking about preordering from steam but I'm hoping to find people to play with first.
  11. Ukee

    Where are all the Gameboy Micro faceplates!

    So for the past 2 days I have been looking for replacement flaceplates for my friends GBA Micro. The dumbass has the special edition FFIV and he cracked the faceplate trying to yank it off not knowing how to correctly remove it. Any ways I have come to learn just how impossible is is to find new...
  12. Ukee

    Metal DDR pads.

    So I am interested in getting some heavy duty mrtal DDR pads and was hoping that someone who has bought some in the past can derect me to a good dealer they trust.
  13. Ukee

    Tester 3

    So I heard that Egoraptor (internet sensation for making the New Ground Awesome series) is one of the main characters in the new season of Sony Playstation Tester, so I decided to watch. I am not new to these game reality show.... things..... but this thing really made me want to screw my eyes...
  14. Ukee

    Game Gadget the Ipod of handhelds.

    So I have heard about this around October of last year and have been paying attention for any news on it. Any one else head of it? There has been very little talk on it, my guess is it is just going to end up being another Dingoo.
  15. Ukee

    Just got my Analogue Interactive Neo-Geo

    I just started playing it, dear god it is like having sex with video games. I made an unboxing video I will put up on youtube later. Right now I need more BUST A MOVE!
  16. Ukee

    The Panic Bomber inserts, so LAME!

    I was on southtown checking out Shockbox inserts and I went to check out the ones for Panic Bomber, I am not fond of any of them. I am hoping to get the game some time soon so of course I will need to make a pretty little box to put it in. Are there any other sites that has Shockbox inserts...
  17. Ukee


    SO can any one tell me if this is normal? Both Toshiba and Sharp?
  18. Ukee

    New Razer Tablet

    So you say you like playing games on a tablets? Yeah well nether do I. Anyways what if they glued some adult toys to the side and beefed it up for hardcore gaming?
  19. Ukee

    The Xperia Play, to get or not?

    So for the past couple of months I have been thinking about dropping my current phone plan(boost mobile $55 a month for unlimtied talk, text, and data with no contract) and signing up with at&t to get the Xperia Play. The idea of phone and handheld emulator in one just sounds great but I would...
  20. Ukee

    Any way to support SNKP?

    So as some may know I am new to Neo Geo mvs collecting, which I am really enjoying. I always love to play on original consoles and though it is the legit way to collect Neo Geo games it is almost 10 years to late to do and have SNKP see any kind profit from it. I love SNKP, I feel that they are...