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    Purchasing AES carts from within Japan (specifically Osaka)

    I've lived in the Kansai area of Japan for about a year now. Those who remember when I posted here about a year ago probably remember that I used to live in the Colorado area, and got my first AES when I visited Tokyo in 2005. Well, things have changed, and I've moved to Osaka. I usually do my...
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    Valkyrie Profile PSone

    I am aware that there is a port of Valkyrie Profile coming to PSP later this year, and I do intend to pick it up. On the other hand, I am somewhat of a collector as well, and am trying to get my hands on a copy of Valkyrie Profile for PSone. If anyone has a complete copy (or at the very least...
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    WTB: AES Metal Slug X or 3!

    Hey all, I haven't posted on the boards in a while, but I recently put together a small war chest of funds, and I'm looking to blow it on a copy of either Metal Slug X or 3, AES. I'm not really interested in the MVS cart, just the AES. I'm looking to purchase the cart, rather than trade. If...
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    Boulder Colorado Neo fans unite!

    That is...if Boulder, CO neo fans exist. I'm actually new to the area, so I really don't know anyone. Anyone else live in the area?