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  1. neo_ezekiel

    Free Slayer lawn ticket. NJ PNC arts center

    :buttrock: Anyone else already going? Wouldn't mind meeting up First to pm email gets it.
  2. neo_ezekiel


    Well i bought Metal Slug 3 on impulse so selling it for what i payed. 1300 shipped +4% paypal well its on "flee bay" now :oh_no:
  3. neo_ezekiel

    New 161 in 1

    Yeah definitely crap build Upon games selection on a rev3 AES unibios 3.3 After reset The games seem more stable on my Rev.1 with stock bios Aero Fighters 3 is a mess, everything else so far as been fine apart from random sound issues
  4. neo_ezekiel

    WTB metal slug 3 AES

    If anyone wants to part with one looking to pay 350-400 for complete
  5. neo_ezekiel

    RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE! fixed a bad uni bios install

    I have had this thing sitting around for years. Now that its fixed I bought some games and am getting back in to it!
  6. neo_ezekiel

    FA : EBAY box design from capcom's marketing dep MMX3

    cheek out my ebay sale EBAY
  7. neo_ezekiel

    F/S Boxed Japanese SNK Neo Geo system with 6 games

    The system is in perfect working order with only minor scratches. The box is in good shape the styrofoam is in also in good shape, there is no paper work thou . Every thing to hook it up is included also an extra controller and a memory card The games condition is an overall assessment of...
  8. neo_ezekiel

    (EBAY) PC Engine DUO / Turbo DUO BOXED +4

    trying to save up for a 2005/06 GTO :mr_t:
  9. neo_ezekiel

    ebay: sega CD SNATCHER

    thanks for looking weee
  10. neo_ezekiel

    EBAY sale 3do cdi

    hi I got bills to pay :( CD - I magnavox 5 games CDI free shipping ZELDA Panasonic REAL 3DO 3 games FZ-1 free shipping Gold Star REAL 3DO 7 games free shipping
  11. neo_ezekiel

    EBAY SECRET OF MANA New Save Battery

    new battery works perfectly, the sticker on the back is torn
  12. neo_ezekiel


    I got a free Arkanoid cab yes it works :chimp:
  13. neo_ezekiel

    nintendo gamecube NR READER

    I am selling a game cube NR reader Formerly property of Acclaim entertainment . This unit is a developers tool The unit is used to test games before they are released. NR unit and BOX only no cables or controller . Asking $300 shipped, willing to make a deal, Trades considered make an offer.
  14. neo_ezekiel

    Samurai Spirits II AES sale EBAY

    MY FIRST EBAY SALE weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :mr_t:
  15. neo_ezekiel

    hay yo to all in orlando FL

    I will be in orlando FL for awhile I dont know anybody so pm if you wont to huck up :mr_t
  16. neo_ezekiel

    Arcade Auction -----> NJ <-----

    I will be there it at the Cherry Hill National Guard post I will be there around 11 or 12 wearing a red Nintendo sweatshirt. Let me know if your interested.:mr_t:
  17. neo_ezekiel

    GunBound free game of goodness & pie PIE

    linky ht Fun game like worms w an RPG element. Look 4 me if u join, my name is ezekielrage :mr_t:
  18. neo_ezekiel

    game spot f up

    "Old-school gamers may remember Metal Slug 3 from the 1990s--the 2D....." - game spot flame here
  19. neo_ezekiel

    just got metal slug 3

    WOooo good stuff I am so happy :buttrock: