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  1. bwodie

    Price Check: 2 x non working splatter house pcb

    Hey guys, Got two original boards that get to the ram\rom check and just sit there. Are these worth anything? Thanks!
  2. bwodie

    FS: Arcade PCB's - DoDonPachi, ESPrade, Tatsujin\Truxton

    Hey guys, I have 3 pcbs up for sale. All are working 100% and are original. I am in Australia but prices include air freight. I can freight with tracking but to do that I have to use airmail express and it costs more so the prices reflect that. I take paypal and will half the fees with the...
  3. bwodie

    3 suspected boots (2 x PH & 1 x Bomberman)

    Hey guys, What do you think on these: Original SNK boards with loads of eeproms (except for one of the ph2) Neo Bomberman: PH2:
  4. bwodie

    price check: King Of Dragons cps1

    Hey guys, Whats a King of Dragons CPS1 worth? Cheers
  5. bwodie

    American Laser Games

    Hey guys, I managed to pick up a shit ton of laserdisc games, an original maddog cab and guns, and aload of other crap. I have dumped it at my techys house but he is fucking lost as there are a million different boards and theres to much chaos to follow the schematics. Do you guys know anyone...
  6. bwodie

    FS: D&D SOM, Vampire Saviour, Rival Schools pcb

    Hey Guys, Have the following boards for sale. I am in Australia but prices include air shipping with insurance. Payment can be made by paypal or money order. All games are tested & working 100% Prices are US dollar Dungeons And Dragons Shadow over Mystara GREEN A&B Boards are in good...
  7. bwodie

    Price check pcbs

    Interested in your opinions on the market value of these pcbs in working and good condition Xain'd Sleena (technos) Exciting Hour (technos) Splatterhouse (namco) Rival Schools: United by Fate (capcom) Major Title 2 (irem) Thanks guys
  8. bwodie

    FS: NiTD cart +art work & prehistoric isle - SOLD

    hey guys, all sold have two carts for sale Games will be coming from Australia, but will be packed extremely well, and will include tracking payment by paypal, I am verified. artwork can be packed flat inside two bits of cardboard to avoid damage. sorry about my shitty pics and the flash in...
  9. bwodie

    price check: 2 mvs carts

    yo dudes whats current rate for: nightmare in the dark with English Label in good nic and Prehistoric isle 2 with Asian label worth ? And with MM's?
  10. bwodie

    paypal help please

    Hey all, I have a fucker of a seller from ebay who i purchased a game from over 2 weeks ago i payed by paypal and when i was met by two options for shipping, 9.95 express or 10.95 courior i chose the 9.95 At the very bottom of the auction description it stated that if paying by paypal, you...
  11. bwodie

    SNK - SAR - Search And Rescue JAMMA PCB (ebay)

    Awesome SNK made game Is a rotary game, so if you are lucky to have the joysticks or collect these games, this is a good one. shipping to the US should be 20-25$
  12. bwodie

    FS: 6 MVS Carts + mobo (ebay)

    Fatal Fury & Ragnagard + Mini Marque Cyberlip MV-1FZ Single Slot + Superside kicks 2 & 3 Panic Bomber MVS + Mini Marquee View Point All originals all seperate auctions airmail shipping on singles carts to the US should be 10 USD for two...
  13. bwodie

    people playing FFXII

    why wont my main character regenerate mp at all? he is stuck at 0 :( even if i give him an item with mp.. wont go up:help: :help: :help: :help:
  14. bwodie

    SSF2T Asian free-play?

    Hey guys, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to put it in to free play.. is it possible? I didn't know if it was common accross all SSF2T boards, or if its a thing with asian regioned cps2 (this is the only grey cps2 i have) Any help would be appreciated :)
  15. bwodie

    ridddddddge raccccccer

    just picked this up check out me old fella in action lol had to move so much shit to fit it in, check my other thread halfway down the page in arcade for all my other cabs :)
  16. bwodie

    bwodies collection

    Hey guys, got some new machines yesterday, spent some time ata mates while he fixed up my neo geo and fed me beer (light, what a stinge ;) ) Excuse my poor photos as i am a spastic with a camera, and my bloody messy garage lol pic of all machines minus pinny...
  17. bwodie

    help with suspected blown monitor on 6 slot

    hey guys i have a 6 slot cab like the ones at the bottom of here: a few weeks ago weird shit started to happen i would turn it on and i would hear a really loud crackling coming from inside the cabinet.. i didnt know wtf was going on it sounded...
  18. bwodie

    CPS2 and SSF2T question

    taken from cps2 shock "Grey and Orange game boards require the main 'A' board of matching color to work. Green and Blue boards are totally interchangeable meaning Green game boards will work on a Blue 'A' board and visa versa. A Yellow case shows a...
  19. bwodie

    tell me what ya think of this deal $450 US without a game screen is bright and clear Jamma wired should i go for it?
  20. bwodie

    free play for twin cobra/double dragon2 etc?

    hey doods! i just got my twin cobra arcade pcb board, but i cant figure out how the hell to put it on free play ive been through all the dip switches and it doesnt seem to have a setting for free play i have a namco exceleena but havent got the coin mech wired up i beleive my double dragon 2...