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    First PSP virus I laugh at people who have this virus.
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    WTB:Something that will allow me to to play PS1 backups

    Anyone have any of those swapping disks? Maybe a modchip for sale?
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    Engadget DS vs. PSP video

    Watch the video Basically it has Cat Schwartz (from TechTV) and some girl who fights about which system is better.
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    Metal Slug 6 at AM Show?
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    WTB: Nintendo DS

    Anyone have a Nintendo DS w/ Metroid Prime Demo for sale with any of the following games: Nintendogs Kirby Meteos The system and games must be complete.
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    Any Castlevania figures?

    This game is so popular I was wondering, was there any gifres or resin kits ever made for the series? I was thinking about getting some, but found out nothing on these. I'm suprise since Castlevania is such a popular game.
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    Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter Flash Someone had too much time.
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    WTB: Boxes for NGPC

    anyone have any game boxes and manuals that they don't need and want to sell them?
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    Neo to PS2

    Has anyone created a NeoGeo to PS2 converter that'll allow one to use the NeoGeo Stick on the Playstation? I know that there's one for using the PS Controller on the NeoGeo, but who wants to do that?
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    Have Gamecube Games for sale? Come here

    I'm looking for these NON PLAYER CHOICE games and I'm willing to pay by money order. Not looking to spend more than $15 per game. With the exception of games with Bongos :P Amazing Island Alien Hominid Baten Kaitos Bomberman Generation Bomberman Jetters Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Custom...
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    Hyper 64 Rev.1 Extra Wiring

    Does anyone remember what extra wiring I would need for a Rev.1 to work on my dedicated MVS supergun? Also, once I wired the supergun to work with the right amount of power for the Hyper 64, would I be able to plug and play both the MVS and Hyper64?
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    About cracked Neo Sticks

    I was wondering if there are any side effects of having a crack ball on the neo sticks. Do the sticks feel different? Do they affect the controls somehow? Anyway to fix it?
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    Namco on a Supergun

    I was wondering if I would need to change anything to get a Namco game (Tekken) to work on my MVS Supergun. Any extra wiring?
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    WTB: Hyper64 Rev.2 and Neo Geo Old Style Stick

    Anyone have any of these?
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    Riob420, A great seller

    I received my HGA SuperGun today and it was incredible. Fast shipper and has great communication skills.
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    HGA and 2 Slots

    problem solved
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    WTB: Neo Geo Old Style Stick

    Anyone have one for sale?
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    Can I play CPS2 Games on A MVS Supergun?

    I was wondering, if I had a supergun built specifily for a MVS System, would I be able to play CPS2/3 games on it? Do I need to solder anything?
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    Playing sound on TV

    Is it true that if you use the TV to produce sounds for a MVS board, that the TV sound might get messed up in the future?
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    NeoGeo Stick W/ HGA

    I might be getting an HGA soon I was wondering though, is there anyway to use official NeoGeo Joysticks with it? Also, If I got a MVS board that had built in joystick ports, would I be able to just use those instead?