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  1. le geek

    Starting to think about inserts again...

    I've got a few new insert ideas... Cheers, Ben
  2. le geek

    FT: MVS Puzzle Bobble, Street Slam

    Hi! I have the following for trade, all originals, bought here on the forum over the years, each with shockbox: Neo Turf Masters (traded) Overtop (traded) Puzzle Bobble Street Slam I'd love to do a partial trade plus some cash for a Matrimelee or Prehistoric Isle 2, :mr_t: but that's probably...
  3. le geek

    FA: Road Fighter, Space Invaders Collection, Atlantean, EVO, Nam-1975

    For Auction: Road Fighter - Colecovision Space Invaders Collection - Colecovision Atlantean - Turbo Grafx 16 EVO: The Search for Eden - SNES NAM-1975 - Neo-Geo MVS Thanks for looking! Ben
  4. le geek

    MVS FS: Bang Bang Busters, Last Resort, Nam 1975, Super Sidekicks 3 LAST CALL

    EDIT: LOWERED PRICES AGAIN. LAST CALL BEFORE EBAY... Hey there, I've got some other hobbies that need $$$ so I've got the following games for sale. Nam 1975 $70 SHIPPED TRADED Bang Bang Busters kit (49/50) SOLD Last Resort $120 SHIPPED SOLD Super Sidekicks 3 $20 SHIPPED All games come...
  5. le geek

    FS/FT: Atari 2600/7800, DC, PSX, PS2, PS4, X360 games SEGA CD Snatcher Popful Mail

    Hi all, I've got some games to sell or trade. I am looking for Gamecube games and a few NES game (want list at the bottom). Shipping is at cost. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for looking! DS SOLD Chrono Tigger (complete) $5 SOLD Game & Watch Collection (complete) $15...
  6. le geek

    FS: Retrogamer, Amiga CD32, Turbografx, Colecovision, Xbox and more.

    Hi all, I have some games and some gaming books and magazines that need new homes. Shipping based on cost. Please PM me if you see anything you like. [PS4] Call of Duty Black Ops 3 - $15 [Xbox 360] Band Hero - $3 Bioshock - $5 Dirt - $5 Child of Eden - $5 ON HOLD [Xbox] HALO 2 - $5...
  7. le geek

    FS: N64, GB, GBC, GC, WII, PS1, PS2, PS3, T16, 360 games

    Hi there, I have the following games for sale. Shipping is extra and at cost. Everything is in very good shape except where noted. Thanks for looking. [N64] Gauntlet Legends (with manual – slightly wrinkled) $20 [DS] Puzzle Series Vol. 6: Illust Logic (complete) $5 [Wii] Cars Toon...
  8. le geek

    FS/T: Shin Megami Tensei IV Limited Edition LOWER PRICE

    Edit: LOWER PRICE will also consider trades for other 3DS games Shin Megami Tensei IV Limited Edition for sale. Original owner, everything in very good shape. $25 SHIPPED in the US, Priority, packed nice. Or will trade for a different 3DS Game. Will consider others but I am definitely...
  9. le geek

    Neo Driftout insert in progress...

    Cheers, Ben
  10. le geek

    FS: PS2 DDR Extreme 2 w/ pads PS3 Sonic Racing Transformed

    EDIT: Downt to the last items... EDIT: Many Prices Lowered Hi, I've got some more stuff for sale. I will post photos soon. - I've tried to price things reasonably, but feel free to (reasonably) counter offer. - Shipping is extra and at cost. - All include case and manual unless noted...
  11. le geek

    FS: ZombiU, Dead Space, Sonic Transformed, Layton, R-Types

    Got some things for sale...prices include 1st class shipping in the US in a padded envelope. Original owner with everything very well taken care of, with the exception of R-Types which I got used and will post a picture of shortly... DS Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (complete) $10...
  12. le geek

    FS: Gunlord Reg Edition MVS + Shockbox SOLD

    EDIT: SOLD. Hi, I am selling my Regular Edition of Gunlord for MVS, a shock box is included with an insert of my own design. I have updated it to Version 1.1. $425 Shipped in the US.
  13. le geek

    FS: Import Xbox 360, US Sonic Racing All Stars Transformed PS3 LOWER PRICES

    PRICES LOWERED on remaining items... EDIT: OK, I think I have this J360 priced right. Sorry for being out of whack initially. It now comes with a Wireless controller. FS: [Japanese Xbox 360] It's an original design white arcade unit, but it's got the HDMI port and a small amount of on...
  14. le geek

    le geek's new Shockbox site

    Hi there, My new site is located here: I am still working on the rest of my site, but the insert section is ready to go... My latest inserts (added 05/01/12): Bang Bang Busters Blazing Star variant League Bowling variant Metal Slug...
  15. le geek

    FS: MVS Super Sidekicks 3 The Next Glory

    Got some stuff for sale. All prices are SHIPPED in the US with DC#. Thanks for looking, Ben $30 Super Sidekicks 3 SOLD Puzzle Bobble SOLD Metal Slug 3 SOLD The Last Blade 2 (fake label, real SNK boards and chips) SOLD Neo Bomberman SOLD King of Fighters 2003 Kit (complete with matching...
  16. le geek

    FS: 5200, 7800, N64, PS1, PS2, XBOX, 360 games

    Hi there, More stuff for sale. Shipping is extra at cost. PM me if you see anything you like, or if you have any questions. Thanks for looking! EDIT: ALL NEW STUFF, PICTURES COMING SOON... [ATARI 5200] $2 Pole Position SOLD $2.50 Defender (0 x2) (with manual and two overlays) SOLD $2 Dig...
  17. le geek

    FS: 360, GB, GEN, PS2, SAT, SNES, MD games New Stuff Added including some HTF RPGs

    FS: 360, GB, GEN, PS1, PS2, SNES, Wii games - Lower Prices All Done. [Gameboy] (cart only) SOLD Metal Gear Solid Project Babel (gbc) SOLD Metroid II [Megadrive] (complete) TRADED Panorama Cotton SOLD Yu Yu Hakusho [Playstation] SOLD Beatmania (import, complete, may be missing spine card)...
  18. le geek

    FA: Xbox and 360 items - 10% will go to Japan Relief Fund

    I'm auctioning several items for Xbox 360 and the original Xbox on eBay, including a 360 HD and Shooting Love 200X. 10% of proceeds go to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. Thanks for looking!
  19. le geek

    FS: 2600,5200,SATURN,PS2,XBOX games

    Hello, I have some more items for sale. Shipping will be either Priority Mail or First Class. Please PM if you are interested in anything. Pictures further down... Thanks, Ben EDIT: PRICES LOWERED [ATARI 2600] $0.50ea Baseball (intv) International Soccer $1ea Star Voyager Dark Cavern...
  20. le geek

    FT: Earthworm Jim & Baten Kaitos for ANY N64 games I am missing

    Looking to trade for ANY N64 games I missing. Would ideally like to avoid team sports games, but will consider those as well. [FOR TRADE] DS games (all complete) Feel the Magic XY/XX TRADED Space Invaders Extreme TRADED Trace memory TRADED GAMECUBE Baten Kaitos (complete) GENESIS...