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    Longest Postseason Baseball Game ever

    So the Nationals go 18 innings against the SF Giants, and can't close out the second game. They had it until the 9th, and they should have never pulled Zimmerman. The Giants tie it in the 9th, and it's been tied since the top of the 18th with a HR by SF. This game started around 5:30p EDT and...
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    Neo Geo AES Video Issues?

    Before I begin, I apologize if there is a post here on helping out with this issue. I did search here but didn't see anything specific about this, or I may have overlooked it. And sorry for the long post. Just wanted to get all the information out there. A friend of mine recently won an...
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    Greetings from Baltimore

    Hello all! I've been playing video games for a long time, and have always been interested in owning a Neo-Geo system since I first saw them for sale in the local game store. Big time fan of classic games, owning a few classics like a Saturn, TG-16 w/CD attachment, a Neo-Geo Pocket Color, and...