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  1. frobenius314

    Is TREMÉ worth checking out?

    I've heard a few good things. What are your opinions?
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    Cool Japanese Barcodes

  3. frobenius314

    Awesome Political Cartoons

    Post badass political cartoons
  4. frobenius314

    3D Dot Heroes Homage to Zelda - PS3

    First thing I thought was this a homage, or a blatant ripoff? Speaking of Zelda, anybody know about the supposed Zelda game Link to the Future that are making for the Wii?
  5. frobenius314

    If the first Moon landing occured today
  6. frobenius314

    Brutal Legend XBOX/PS3/

    Looks cheesy but awesome
  7. frobenius314

    Venture Bros Season 4

    Season starts on October 18th. The trailer for Season 4 can be watched at Any other VB fans on here?
  8. frobenius314

    Forcing women to be fatten up

    Damn and you thought the US were bad with respect to obesity.
  9. frobenius314

    Top 10 Mega Man Robot Masters

    Thought this was a cool list. This reminds me that I need to purchase and try to beat Mega Man 2 finally. I remember those grueling block patterns. Wow its been a while.
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    This is my introduction

    I am frobenius314. I was the born as the output of a Monte-Carlo experiment. I currently live in n-dimensional Euclidean space. Every once in a while I will react to your posts and occasionally I will post something that might interest one of you.