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  1. tacoguy

    FS: Up-scalers, NEC XP37, HAS, and more

    Big Sale, lots of stuff! I accept paypal as friend or as business at 3% extra, cash, and crypto. Prices are all in USD and includes shipping. Any questions, feel free to ask and i'll get back to you. Thanks. More pics Portable Gaming $360 Neo Geo Pocket Color...
  2. tacoguy

    FS: AES bundle with 4 games ---SOLD---

    ---SOLD---Finally letting go of my AES console. The system is in gamer condition, the outside shell is broken in two places but it works and doesn't hinder functionality. It is powered by a 5v 2.5mA power adapter and will include a rgb cable. The console has had a recap *can still use a rgb...
  3. tacoguy

    Best parts for a neo arcade stick build?

    I finally received two pc enclosures and I want to start building two arcade sticks for my Neo MVS. But before I start I wanted peoples opinions on what parts are the best to get. Looking to do all around gaming from shmups to fighters. I heard sawnas sticks are better for fighters for...
  4. tacoguy

    Last resort, cross hatch pattern on boot error

    Got a Last Resort that i had eraser cleaned pretty nicely but it will only boot up a crosshatch pattern. All my other games are working fine. I'm using a MV2 mobo with a HAS super gun and a neo to jamma adapter. My question is if there is anything I can do to try and fix? Like i said, it's...
  5. tacoguy

    MV2 board graphical glitches and controller issues

    I am having a blocky graphics problem with my MV-2. My set-up is the mv-2 board, a neo to jamma adapter, and the HAS supergun outputting to an xrgb mini. This problem occurs with every single game that I have tried so far, some are worse than others. I'm inclined to believe that my board needs...
  6. tacoguy

    Craigslist Cincinnati Metal Slug 2 AES

    Could be a good deal for those in the area.
  7. tacoguy

    Feedback for ggallegos1

    Those were some great deals on that DC bundle . Everything came in packaged neatly and securely. It was a pleasure doing business with this man.
  8. tacoguy

    Thanks to joecommando

    Just wanted to publicly say thanks for hooking it up with some AES games.He was quick and very communicative, packed everything in quite nicely and he also gave me a nice deal.
  9. tacoguy

    Noob thinking about making a CMVS

    The attraction to me would be playing all those "affordable" MVS games instead on their AES counterparts. My question is before I go any further would I be best off with a converter instead, making the cmvs myself, or hiring someone to do it? My technical skills are good i guess. I haven't...
  10. tacoguy

    WTB NEO GEO get me started

    Hi I am a new collector that very interested in NEO GEO, just purchased my first AES console but only have one game for it. I mainly am interested in AES games but will also looking to collect MVS games especially those that are way cheaper than their AES counterparts like the metal slug...
  11. tacoguy

    Sup everybody

    I guess i should introduce myself. I have always been a fan of the neo geo ever since i was a kid playing the metal slug games back in the 90s in laundromats or mini marts. It wasnt until very recently that i got the itch to collect old consoles. And one of the consoles that was always on top...