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  1. bubba966

    FOUND: Steel Battalion Controller

    oh hai gohung
  2. bubba966

    Have you ever beaten ghost pilots?

    I beat it bitd in the arcade, and again when I got it on MVS. But never 1cc'd it nor do I care to bother with that. I enjoy the game but it does have it's issues.
  3. bubba966

    FOUND: Steel Battalion Controller

    yeah i'm still alive
  4. bubba966

    FOUND: Steel Battalion Controller

    So El Beffeh, is gud? I always waned one o dems...
  5. bubba966

    XboneX HDD replacement problem

    So, I replaced the factory 1TB HDD in my Gears 5 LE Xbox One X with a 2TB 860 EVO SSD. Tried to clone the old drive to the new SSD and while my laptop seemed to think it was all ok it wasn't and behaved as if there was nothing on the SSD when I installed it. Used the reinstall OS off a USB...
  6. bubba966

    PRGE 2019

    That time of year again. Who'll be there this weekend? I know we're finally getting some of the MGC guys out here. Always good to see them.
  7. bubba966

    PRGE 2018

    I'm guessing pretty much all the usual crew will be there this year. Or, at least the peeps I usually hang with. I did see a couple of yous last year that I don't usually see. So, who is/isn't going this year?
  8. bubba966

    WTB: Capcom I/O

    So, I needa get my Naomi up and running and need to find me an I/O. If you've got a Capcom I/O with all the cables lemme know. $ at the ready...
  9. bubba966

    Anyone havin trouble w/chat?

    Probably just some fuckin problem on my end, but chat's not been loading up for me for almost a week I think it's been. I click on the chat link, it goes to the page as always. But then it doesn't actually load chat. And I'm not noticing any other issues w/Flash on any other site I use. Hence...
  10. bubba966

    FS: Limited Run Games & Soundtracks both PS4 & Vita

    Ok, this is going to be a low effort sales thread for me, and a low price point for you all to reflect that. I'm not trying to find the camera, and start an Imgur account since phoofuckit decided to be dicks. As such I'm basically going to be asking about what I paid for these to get to me (and...
  11. bubba966

    FS: MVS lot, Shock Troopers, Turfies, & Crossed Swords

    As you read in the title I've got 3 MVS carts I'm looking to sell as a lot. A very nice holo label copy of Shock Troopers. A Neo Turf Masters with a fairly nice JP BTG label. And a copy of Crossed Swords with a nice shadowkn55 repro label. The CS also had a repair done to it, but other than that...
  12. bubba966

    Not fond of Portland?

    So is this what you should do about it then?... :lol:
  13. bubba966

    Police & Fire showed up to the movie theater I was at today.

    I've been at the theater twice before when the Fire Department showed up. Once was a fire in the women's bathroom (most common place for theater fires apparently as women go in there to smoke then chuck the butt in the trash). Other time was a fire in the ventilation ducts. But so far the...
  14. bubba966

    Wow, don't think I'll sell on eBay ever again

    I've never sold much on eBay. In fact it mighta been last century when I last sold something there. And I'd heard some of the horror stories about buyers taking advantage of sellers due to eBay's policies. And that kinda kept me from really wanting to try selling anything on eBay again. So...
  15. bubba966

    Ok, who's setup is this? As everything (except slug 2/3) that I can see is JP, I'd imagine this is someone's setup that lives in Japan. So they most likely aren't around here. But maybe, as it's a fairly nice looking collection and I'm betting someone knows who it is. I see Neo candy...
  16. bubba966

    Fuck kidney stones

    Woke up slightly early today due to intense pain. Kinda felt like I'd pulled a muscle in my back or groin as it went from the lower third of my right side back down to the groin and ending at my right nut. Figured that taking a muscle relaxer would help so tried that and attempted to go back to...
  17. bubba966

    WTB: The last official MVS carts for my set

    So I'm down to 1 cart left. Mainly looking for a loose cart, but a full kit isn't out of the question if the price is appropriate. English or JP label is ok. Just prefer original, intact labels one these. And original boards/chips obviously, no boots please. Pleasure Goal (currently offering...
  18. bubba966

    Free MVS raffle round 2. Kizuna Encounter!

    It's free MVS cart raffle time again! This time it will be geared more towards members that contribute to the forums as this cart is a little rarer than the last 2 I gave away. Open to members in all parts of the world. Free shipping in the US. International shipping to be paid by the winner...
  19. bubba966

    Free MVS cart raffles!

    Ok all, I've got 2 MVS carts as extras that I'd like to find new homes for. A loose copy of Fatal Fury, and a loose copy of King of Fighters '94. Raffles will be free to enter. Shipping to the US is free. International shipping to be paid by the winner with the first $7.50 of shipping cost...
  20. bubba966

    Viewpoint MVS problem

    I just picked up a MVS copy of Viewpoint. And have been getting an error popping up on screen effectively freezing the game requiring a reset. I'm running it on the latest Omega CMVS w/VMC. And it looks like it's an error message reported by the UniBIOS. It says Exception error handling...