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    New Samurai Shodown Game?

    I remember seeing something about a new 3D Samurai Shodown game that was in the works. I even saw pics of it and it looked like a cross between Maximum Impact and Street Fighter IV graphics..... I can't find anything on it now. Does anybody know something?
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    Where to Buy Sanwa buttons for my HRAP3?

    I just picked up an HRAP3 (PS3) from Vinh. I need to swap the buttons out for white Sanwa's. Lizardlick is out of white. Any suggestions as to where to pick these up? I'm fairly confident that I have the correct part numbers. I also need a black ball to replace the existing red ball on the...
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    FS: Samurai III and Fighter's History

    Both are AES Games. Samurai Spirits III JPN: Box, manual (no baggy), Cart all in great condition: $59 Fighter's History Dynamite: Box, manual, baggy, Cart, all in great condition: $58 Shipping $15 each or $20 for both. PM if interested.
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    WTB: Blazing Star AES Manual Only

    Anyone know where to get an original or a reprint of this manual? I need one for my cart.
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    Cart Manuals?

    I just bought a cart w/o a manual. Any ideas where to resource one? Even a duplicate is fine (like the custom inserts that are made).
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    Anyone Played the Metal Gear Online Beta Yet?!?!?

    I'm stuck at work and can't hit it up until tonight. It took ALL weekend to get my Konami Code setup.... Is it still going live today?
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    OMG!! !Minesweeper RULZ! ! ! !

    this is teh most roxxorz epic movie ever! ! 1!! 1 SHIFT 1!!!
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    AES > MVS!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought that thread title would grab some attention! LOL! Seriously, I'm surprised by all the MVS fanboyism here over AES fanboyism. Which isn't a bad thing at all. I admit I'm an AES fanboy. Also a fanboy of many other consoles, etc. I was never into SNK or MVS Arcade machines back in...
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    What Type of SNK Hardware Do You Own?

    What Type of SNK Hardware do you own? I used to own 2 AES's, top loader CD, and a consolized MVS. Now I just have 2 AES's. One of them is a Mega-Mod. I'd like to get a Pocket though.
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    What Platform Do You Prefer SNK Ports On?

    I never fooled with the Saturn imports, but I enjoy the DC versions. Right now, I prefer the PS2 ports over Xbox due to the controller.
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    Next Nintendo Console...

    "The Nintendo Black is currently under development, and will be released in 2012. Planned features include improved motion-sensing technology, as well as the technology put forward by Emotiv. (" One of my co-workers said that he also read somewhere that it will not use...
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    My Saturn Needs a Doctor!

    :help: I have to set my Saturn's clock every time I turn it on now. This just started. What do I need to do? Isnt' there an internal battery that needs replacing? Thanks.
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    Need the Neo*Geo Land Emoticon....

    Has anybody ever seen the Neo Geo Land emoticon, gif, icon? It's animated and I've seen it in some people's sigs in the past. I'm trying to find it again. Anybody have it? Google is not my friend today. ps. it's fairly large. very wide...
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    Similar Games?

    PS3's "LittleBigPlanet" and Wii's "Lostwinds": Sony's game was supposed to come out months ago but got pushed back to this fall. Nintendo's game is coming out next month. The game...
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    Awesome New 2D Fighter???

    So what do you think of "Arcana Heart"? Does it have potential? I think it comes out today....and I may just have to pick it up.
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    Your Top 5 KoF?

    I haven't seen one of these in a while. Also, tastes seem to change occassionally, so I'm curious what KoF that everyone is leaning toward right now. Also, what do you think about Maximum Impact / 2006 versions? My top would probably be: 1. 98 2. 95 3. 96 4. 94 5. XI I'm a fan of 2000 too.
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    Who Are These Chicks?
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    Unfortunately, I couldn't host it, but I'd definitely support a Neo Gathering in the Nashville area if someone were willing to host. I have some Neo friends in Cleveland who'd definitely attend and bring some goodies too. Anyone interested?
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    WTB: Original AES Sticks. No Cracks or Fading

    PM me if you have any for sale. I am only interested in people with multiple positive transactions on the Neo Boards. Too many scammers lurking around here lately. Thanks!