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  1. egg_sanwich

    PolyGame Master (PGM) games are coming to the Nintendo Switch!

    Ew forced aspect ratio? Inexcusable.
  2. egg_sanwich

    The all new 'What's it worth' thread

    Jumping into this thread again to say that, yeah, pricing MVS is harder than I thought right now. Really not many active sales threads on the forums these days and eBay prices have gone stupid. I think like anything, condition is going to matter the most. Plus eBay will happily swindle many %%...
  3. egg_sanwich

    The all new 'What's it worth' thread

    TheSegaDude is good peeps and is going about this in the right way. Not sure why the jimmies are getting rustled here. My 2 cents, those prices are high especially for repro labels. 75% off those prices listed seems like a decent starting point. More uncommon titles like Nightmare and Zupapa...
  4. egg_sanwich

    CPS2 No Signal but Coin Counter Increasing

    It could be that your psu needs a recap (or adjustment if you have that option) as it's not putting out sufficient voltage. Try the board in another cab if you can.
  5. egg_sanwich

    CPS2 No Signal but Coin Counter Increasing

    Have you tried a different cab? Or checked the voltage at the jamma edge? CPS2 are pretty power hungry.
  6. egg_sanwich

    Corrosive foam on the 4 slots...

    I think he was fixing those poorly installed caps. But yeah that foam stuff is nasty, always a treat to remove.
  7. egg_sanwich

    NeoSD MVS/AES - General Consensus?

    There's a lot of stories popping up of people having issues with their NeoSD carts and Terraonion providing zero support. Just a heads up. I can't speak from personal experience, this is just a trend I've been noticing across different forums and FB groups.
  8. egg_sanwich

    CD games on PCE GT/TE

    Is this an SSD3 killer?
  9. egg_sanwich

    Happy Birthday Gremlin

    Happy birthday dude, enjoyed playing SOTM with you and loved following the billiards arcade repair thread. One of the few dudes I've met IRL and a class act. HBD @Gremlin
  10. egg_sanwich

    *UPDATED* NeoGeo proto screenshots

    My favorite part about proto talk is every single nobody coming out of the woodwork on their high horse harassing people to give them free romz. When is that ever a cool thing to do? Never.
  11. egg_sanwich

    FS: AOF, FF1, FF2 Kit, SW. (Also FT: MVS PROTO cart, SSVS & MS4 kits) Prices Dropped

    Wow, who woulda shipped that SSVS kit as is with a label slapped on it!? GLWS great seller here folks!
  12. egg_sanwich

    FS: CPS2 Shmups including Progear, Mars Matrix, Gigawing, 19xx, Puzzloop 2

    I'm not against it, but shipping will be heavy. Likely $50+. If you're cool with that I can grab an actual quote
  13. egg_sanwich

    FS: CPS2 Shmups including Progear, Mars Matrix, Gigawing, 19xx, Puzzloop 2

    What's up everyone, looking to pass on some CPS2 that doesn't get enough play time around here. I haven't been following prices that much recently but I looked up past sales as best I could. Let me know if I'm off. Some notes: All on battery, tested and working. Battery last changed around...
  14. egg_sanwich

    Xevious for the Neo Geo Beta 1 released!

    Very cool thanks for sharing! Now just need a multi...
  15. egg_sanwich

    Should The Marketplace Be Opened Up for Everyone?

    All I remember is he listed a Battle Garegga on eBay that ended with no bids at an insanely good price. He then listed it here at a higher price and it sold. He also sold TopTierArcade a Blast City at a crazy high price (at the time), which I though was actually pretty funny. I got no beef...
  16. egg_sanwich

    Should The Marketplace Be Opened Up for Everyone?

    Yes. Don't buy from people you don't know/like, don't sell to people you don't know/like, don't use PayPal gift unless know the person or you are a sucka that likes losing money. For everything else, there's plane tickets.
  17. egg_sanwich

    Buying/Selling/Trading on the forums?

    Weren't most scammers active members anyways?
  18. egg_sanwich

    WTB Super Dodge Ball

    Clean full kit but with serials cut on the cart that I am on the fence about parting with.