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  1. Fandangos

    Consolized 2 Slots only 1 speaker works

    Long time ago I followed Xian Xi's tutorial to do my consolized 2 slots and it worked great but after almost an year in the closet when I power it on there's only audio outputing from the right speaker. If I toggle the headphone sliders I can listen to crackle sounds from the other speaker...
  2. Fandangos

    Going to Canada for the first time! Toronto!

    Folks, 20th this month I'm going to Canada for the first time. I'll be in Toronto for a whole month! It will be just me and my wife :) And yes, I'm very aware of the weather situation LOL. I need some advice to places to visit game related, for cheap current gen games and old retro games...
  3. Fandangos

    New Pachi Slot Samurai Shodown Shitty Game

    I've searched this on the news section and I wasn't able to find a thread. If this is a dupe, please, delete it. SNK Playmore posted a 2 minutes video about a new Samurai Shodown game. Bases on the characters it seem like a SamSho like the second game. At the end of the video there's...
  4. Fandangos

    YuYu Hakusho used The King of Fighters 94 sound as background?! WTF?

    You know that 90's anime named YuYu Hakusho? If you don't, you should, the battles are awesome. But while I was watching the episode I was able to listen to KOF 94 opening sounds on the episode: Jump to 9:05 on the video to be able to listen the sound on the background. The sound I'm...
  5. Fandangos

    What replaced the Sony PVM/BVM in the video industry?

    I believe there might be someone here that might know that. Someone that may work on TV stations or on a movie studio. Many PVM/BVM are being replaced by newer technology. What technology is the new PVM/BVM?
  6. Fandangos

    Which was the most expensive console ever released? 3DO or AES?

    Last night listening to a podcast about games someone commented that the 3DO had it's release price at $700! and I keep getting some misinformation on the AES release price at $400 up to $650. Anyone have any memory on this? Or any proof? Like magazine scans? Also we are talking about US...
  7. Fandangos

    Is there any CHEAP alternative do the original light bulb for a big red?

    I believe this is the last thing I got to fix on my 4 slot. Already replaced every button, joystick, did all the wood reprinted the entire artwork. Now I need to fix the light bulbs which none is working. Game select is fine but neither of the 4 lights on my 4 slot model works. Is there...
  8. Fandangos

    Which game sums up the NeoGeo experience?

    Ok this time we'll have two categories: AES / consolized and Big red cabinet Which game is the most "neo geo" on AES and which one for the big red. Let's bring this topic once again here :)
  9. Fandangos

    WTB: Samurai Shodown 1 AES US Manual

    Friends I know this game isn't really rare and all but I got a copy with a xeroxed manual instead of the original. It's the only game I don't have the manual so far. PM if you have a spare to sell.
  10. Fandangos

    RGB Line Doubler? 240p to 480i/p possible?

    Hey I just got a nice Avermedia game capture but sadly the lowest resolution it accepts is 480i. So I have all my consoles plugged in RGB - and I can choose RGB to component - on my Sony PVM. I would like to record those 240p consoles but the capture box won't recognizes it unless they output...
  11. Fandangos

    AES and PVM 2950Q sync issues

    Hey guys I've build a sync box with LM1881 to work with my PVM 2950Q and it works with the following consoles: SNES Genesis PS2 PS1 Xbox and my mvs consolized. But I can't get the AES to sync. The picture come and go all the time. Sometimes it's just black picture. Any idea if there's...
  12. Fandangos

    Supergun PSU - 5v fixed measure possible?

    I was wondering if that might be possible and if something like this exists. It's kind of boring to keep using the multimeter to check the 5v line every time I swap a board. CPS2 requires 5v but KI2 uses +5v to work properly. So I was wondering is there anything available for purchase that...
  13. Fandangos

    LM1881 schematic to use with PVM 2950Q

    I've read on this forum that the PVM 2950Q really has sync issues and it's actually true. After building my own scart to bnc cable I got no sync. And I'm not actually into buying the Sync Striker stuff for $45 to use an IC that costs $1. So what's the correct schematic to build the LM1881...
  14. Fandangos

    2 slots consolized and acrylic - need suggestions

    I've seen several 2 slots consolized that stand on an acrylic layer. I got mine 30x40cm with 4mm. I think it will hold it really strong. I'm wondering if just screwing a screw with a pointer (like it's done in wood) is strong enough to hold for cartridge insertions. or should I use a bolt...
  15. Fandangos

    2 Slots consolized: Where can I get video, audio and voltage under the board?

    I just received my 2 slots that got repaired after being dead for almost an year. Now I need to figure out where can I get R G B Sync audio left and audio right to avoid a mess of cables going over the board. Is it possible? Can I get +5v from under the board too? Or is it only possible to...
  16. Fandangos

    Killer Instinct 2 with no sound and other erros

    I have a KI2 with working HD and the game play fine except for sound. I remember seeing similar issues like that on other threads but I haven't seen an answer on how to fix that. Here's the error: I have a KI1 board that works fine. Since both boards are almost identical I assume the...
  17. Fandangos

    The SNK official MVS to AES converter

    This popped up on yahoo auctions a few months ago. No one bought this because the minimum bid were 500k yens. But here are the pictures. Not sure if this has been discussed here in the past and probably Freaks will pop up saying "I have it". Any way I never saw this before:
  18. Fandangos

    I just can't calibrate this arcade monitor!! =((

    So long story short: Got myself an EAGO 29 to 38" arcade monitor chassis. I had an Gradient TV of 37" with a JVC CRT. Hooked both together and boom the image was working and seemed awesome. Now.. I can't calibrate. When I get the image to be bright as I would like, the black is washed...
  19. Fandangos

    WTB RGB capable Sega Master System Powerbase and RGB (French) GameCube!!

    Hi there my friends!! Looking for a sega master system, the one capable of using the 3D Glasses, you know with the sega card input. That also be able to output RGB. As many of your may know the Brazilian Master System does not output RGB :( So I really would like to get one working. SYSTEM and...
  20. Fandangos

    So this are the final titles to complete my collection

    Here are the final cartridges to complete my MVS collection: Alpha Mission II (ASO II - Last Guardian) - ASOII Andro Dunos Bang Bead (Bang Beads) Baseball Stars 2 Battle Flip Shot (Flip Shot) Breakers Revenge Captain Tomaday Chibi Maruko-Chan Deluxe Quiz Fight Fever Ganryu The...