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    CRT Fetish Thread

    Parsec, Demon Attack, Slymoids. Heaters!
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    FS Ring Edge 2 multi systems

    $425 shipped. SSDs, some stock bits included. Tested and working. New battery. Nice system! Another- 450- full fan and thermal paste replacement. Thanks!
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    Post subject: Ketsui Kit, CPS2 Shooters, Neo Carts, Aero City grommits

    Ketsui kit. $1450 shipped (includes soundtrack, superplay with superplay booklet. Missing one part of the inner cardboard. Comes with arrange and stock roms. Comes with pop (1 big, one small), instruction strips, 2 papers (yellow, blue).
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    Analogue NT ~$300 ends in a couple hours
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    Analogue NT ~$300 ends in a couple hours
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    Sengoku 3 MVS (legit) on ebay. Ends in a few hours. $60
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    Kraut Buster LE ebay no reserve
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    Garou 1 penny start free ship (Also Ghost Pilots) Consigning the Garou for a friend.
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    ALL SOLD. Thanks! Strongly Prefer local pickup. If shipping was a thing, payment needs to be a non-refundable, buyer would assume 150% of the risk, I am not packing or handling anything of the sort. NEW PFX Monitor (in box). $900 Toshiba Pure Flat DC29 Tri Sync monitor (tube yoke...
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    Zero Gunner 2, Cannon Spike, Elevator Action Returns w/motherboard, Puzzle Bobble 2 F3, et Everything 1 penny start, free shipping (US), no reserve. Going to be some good deals since this seller account is fresh (XGF has the old one). Feel free to PM with any questions. Thanks!
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    IC Vewlix F Norcal

    Fully working, has Taito io. Clean overall, has a minor crack in one of the upper fairings (side clip) that doesn't affect functionality or structural in any way. Would be about $2700 in 95688. Any interest?
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    New Net City Credit Buttons

    Love mine to death. Essential New Net City (and Net City?) mod. Blends in great with the coin return and sits where the weird metal nubbin would otherwise
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    Pac man jamma, KI2, Powerstone, Gunspike (Cannon Spike). etc

    (shipped- in the US. Prices are lower and assuming gift payments- non gift please cover fees) MK3/4/KI2 Bezel set. Uncut Mikes arcade Pac Man Jamma Adapter $25 shipped (like new. Purchased for testing some repairs on a Pac man board I was working on)...
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    WTB Double Wings Jamma Board

    Looking for a non bootleg of this one. Thanks!
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    CPS2, Naomi, Arcade Panels, joysticks, Everdrive

    Random stuff for sale. If you're concerned about condition, please ask. Since the brain stuff I can't drive, so shipping can happen about once a week. If I sell too many CPS2 stuff I'll put things on hold, I don't know how many boxes I have for the big things. Everything will be retested...
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    FS 2 Sega Blast City cabinets 95688

    2 cabinets for sale. Both have little to no burn. Both have rebuilt chassis/cap kitted. Locks/keys are new. Everything tested/works. Pretty good 15k/31k picture. Both came from a no smoking arcade in japan. Little to no dents/dings, cabs are pretty white all around. temp hold Northern...
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    WTB Egret 2 Blank Translight/Marquee

    Both of mine are cracked or scuffed to shit. Anybody want to sell me a few blanks? Thanks!
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    IC Neo Geo MVS EL Panels (USA) Shipping would be 50gbp for one set or multiple. I figure if I order 3 or more and we share that 50gbp, it drops the price a bit for each of us. Anybody interested in getting one of these sets? Shipping...
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    WTB Clutch Hitter, Egret 2 cab, New Net City compatible Header + panel

    Looking for some odds and ends. Clutch Hitter PCB (working a+b) Egret 2 candy cabinet New Net City Compatible Marquee Holder New Net City Compatible 2l12b panel (clean)
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    WTB EGRET 2 (clean) in Nor Cal 95688

    I have cash, ready to deal. Don't mind paying for shipping, but the thing needs to have a good monitor with minimal to zero burn. Thanks!