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  1. Damulta

    Give Away Riding Hero AES

    I have a loose copy of AES Riding Hero. I would like to give this away, because I'm grateful for all I've learned here. Plus enjoy the jokes on top of it. Like icing on a cake. I will use a number randomizer from 1 to 25(for 25 post) 50 (for 50 post)1 to 100 (for 100 post) and so on. What...
  2. Damulta

    SNK vs Marvel Neo

    Seen this pop up on FB today. Fake, hack, homebrew, or an unreleased game for the aes/mvs? Closest thing I saw was Mugen King of Fighters.
  3. Damulta

    New 161 in 1

    Anyone see the new 161 in 1 AES They have International, USA, and Japan versions of it. Think there is any improvement to the yellow carts?
  4. Damulta

    japangameonline MVS converter Didn't see anything using search. Does anyone have one of these, and know how good they work?