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    FATAL FURY: City of the Wolves Announcment Trailer

    Characters Trailer English: Characters Trailer JP:
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    New Fatal Fury

    Years the games took place storywise: Art of Fighting: 1978 Art of Fighting 2-3: 1979 Fatal Fury: 1992 Fatal Fury 2: 1993 Fatal Fury 3: 1995 Real Bout Fatal Fury: 1996 Real Bout 2: 1998 Mark of the Wolves: 2006
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    What is your favorite snk saga?

    Fatal Fury series.
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    Garou: Memories of Stray Wolves

    Just for everyone who didn't know this yet: The Garou 15th Movie from the Garou Densetsu Anniversary Soundtrack box: Part 1: Part 2:
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    Garou Densetsu Battle Archives 2

    Hab die PS2 Real Bout Collection vor ein paar Tagen erhalten, erste Eindrücke: Beim Spielauswahlmenü kann man alle Spiele direkt anwählen, sonst gibts das übliche zum einstellen: OST/AST, Grafikfilter an/aus und Color Edit. Neu ist das man beim Spieleauswahlmenü nun eine "Practice Option"...
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    2 Jahre World Warriors

    Wie die Zeit vergeht... Am 1. April wird mein Forum 2 Jahre alt, mittlerweile wurden ueber 6.655 Beitraege geschrieben, 32 Nutzer sind mittlerweile angemeldet. So ein kleines Jubiliaeum muß natürlich gefeiert werden :beer: Daher gibt es das erste Mal in der World Warriors Geschichte ein...
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    Garou: Mark of the Wolves PS2

    Hab MOTW für die PS2 heute mit der Post erhalten, erste Eindrücke: Bevor das Spiel beginnt läuft ein "Neo Geo Online Collection" Trailer, dort werden Szenen aus MOTW, King of Fighters, World Heroes, Art of Fighting usw. gezeigt, die ja alle schon für PS2 angekündigt sind. Desweiteren sind auch...
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    KOF 2002 PS 2 Time Attack Mode

    I have buyed me the KOF 2002 Port for the PS2, I'm now trying to get all Secret Fighters , but in Time Attack i stuck on Lv. 35. But to unlock Geese, i must finish lv. 40. Does anyone know a alternate way to unlock Geese ? Or a good Tactic for the Time Attack ?
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    Differences in KOF Ports JAP/US ?

    Can anybody tell me the differences between the US and JAP Version PS2 Ports from KOF 2000/KOF 2001 (exception the language) (Mai's Bouncy Mode ?, Blood ?) and also what about the US/JAP Version Differences on the Dreamcast KOF 99 (EVO) Port ?
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    Question about an Fan Video

    (first sorry for my bad english) A long time ago i find a great and funny Fan Video in the net. you can see K9999 (with Angel) in a boxring and he beats the hell out of every Street Fighter (Blanka,Dan and many more) that enters the ring. Does anyone know this video ? I've lost the Link to...
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    KOF Game for cellphone gaming

    do you guys know this KOF Version to download for cellphones ?|3352615961332415541/168428313/6/7001/7001/7002/7002/7001/-1&start=10&catId=l_486891534 damn, it's not available for my Nokia 7250i :mad_2: actually only for 7650 and...
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    Street Fighter 2 for Sega Master System

    i think you all know there is a Sega Master System Version from Street Fighter 2 that only was released in brazil. now my question: was this game a official Port with license from capcom or is this version a hack/pirate Job? I wrote 4 months ago a e-mail to capcom with this question but never...
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    King of Fighters 2002 DC

    nice Cover isnt'it? <img src="" alt=" - " />
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    Dead Characters? (Storyline)

    which characters are died in the storyline of KOF,FF,AOF? In Mark of the wolves you can hear that Geese is dead, but what about the others? I have read that Rugal, Vice are dead too. Ok, no one cares about the real story, in King of Fighters and Capcom vs SNK the characters are life again. But...
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    need a pic from 3rd Strike

    Who can help me? I search this Pic (Character Screen Ken) from Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike, but not in this size i need it in a bigger Size.(Wallpaper or a little bit smaller) Does anybody know a Site where i can find something like that? [ November 29, 2002: Message edited by...