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    Looking for repair service.

    Hi guys, Can you recommend some reliable website, where MVS board repair service is offered? I have an MV2F that recently stopped working, error 5555 B240, I was playing, I freeze the image and it did not work again. I have read the possible causes and solutions, but I do not have enough...
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    The Last Blade 2 MVS repair.

    Hi friends, have a Last Blade 2 MVS that does not work, does not pass the grid. Testing a Supergun I reversed the voltage, it took a few seconds for the cartridge to be damaged. Could it be repaired? Any suggestions? I have no idea of ​​electronics:confused: Thanks..
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    This has some value?

    Hello friends, I found this long catalog of Neo Geo, I found it curious and collectable item being fan of Neo Geo. I wonder if this article may be considered rare and some value. I do not want to sell, it is only out of curiosity. Thank you.
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    Adaprter compatible with Neo Geo AES "Jap"

    Hello, ¿Please they can say to me that AC adapters are compatible with a Neo Geo AES Jap? My AES use: PRO-POW Power input AC100V Power output DC5V 3A As of another system he is compatible? Sega Genesis, Snes, Nes, Sega CD, 32X? Thanks... :buttrock: