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    Mvs games.

    So I sold my retro collection and went the ever drive route. So I'm going to sell these to buy a neo sd. Shipping starts at $8. 2-4 carts for $14. Shipping within the U.S only. Prices were from what I could remember. If anything is toooooo damn high. Offer up. 3 count bout - $25 Ninja...
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    WTB MV2F metal cover.

    Looking for a 2 slot MV2F metal cover. Mine is naked. Doesn't matter if it's not pretty. I plan to sand and paint it. If you got one lmk price with shipping to 12524.
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    Hantarex MTC 9000. Clicking and white screen issues

    My neo geo gold cabinet has a hantarex mtc 9000 19 inch chasis and tube in it. It had great crisp clear picture. One day after leaving it on for about 30-45 minutes i came back to the room to smell burned electronics. No picture on the screen. I removed the chassis and found the flyback had...
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    Sega/Nintendo/ random stuff. New stuff every few days.

    I tried editing my last threads topic name. Wouldn't let me. So I started a new one. I'll add stuff as I go through all my boxes of doubles and crap I'll never play. PayPal gift or add for fees. Prices do not include shipping. I quickly looked around at prices. If I'm far off call me a douche...
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    Genesis/Dreamcast/n64/GameCube/mvs trade for igs pgm games

    I have some stuff I want to trade for igs pgm games. Demon front is at the top of my list. But will consider beatem ups, shooters, and fighting games.
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    WTB Mvs 2 slot boards

    After a "friend" basically destroyed two mvs mv2 boards on me and talking to a few members who basically said my boards are dead. I'm in need of replacements. Looking for one mv2 board, as well as a mv2f board. If you have an extra board laying around and can help me out shoot me some prices...
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    Two mvs mv2 boards no video/audio

    Alright so. I lent my two boards to a friend who wanted to test a gold boardless cabinet out. Not sure why I lent both but I'm feeling the stupidity hard right now. Anyways. He says he plugged the first board in and powered it up and the speakers made a high pitch squeal and he heard a pop. So...
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    Anyone live near whitewater Wi, 53190?

    Looking for someone to possibly pick something up for me and ship it. Found some Saturn games I want but the guy won't accept PayPal, cash only in person. Willing to pay for your time and gas.
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    WTB 2 slot consolization services

    I have a beat to hell gold arcade cabinet. Has holes and chunks missing and the screen has some burn in. So I was looking to have it consolized. I know I should probably try doing it myself. But honestly think I'd mess something up. I'm located in New York. So prefer someone residing here in...
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    Igs pgm consolizing

    Trying to find some information or a tutorial on consolizing a igs pgm. Have been intrigued by this system since LukeMorse posted some videoes in his channel years ago.
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    Some mvs titles for sale

    So I decided to sell some of my mvs games off. I had help with pricing. Another member offered some suggestions. I took most of his advice. Hopefully they aren't priced to high. Anyways Nam1975- 60$----sold The super spy - 50$---sold World heroes 2 - 20$----sold Top players golf -...
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    Mvs game scrambled graphics and no sound.

    Okay so I bought a lot of 20 mvs games. All needed the contacts cleaned. found some grimey crap in them. I can't get one to work. Contacts are super clean. The game is ninja combat. Any other suggestions I can try before giving up on it? Is there a way to check the ROM chips on the board?
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    Wtb lords of thunder, robo aleste, and samurai shodown manual/cd for sega cd

    I have cash to spend. Looking for CIB robo aleste CIB lords of thunder Manual and disc only for samurai shodown Or I have some GameCube/n64/nes games for trade. If you have any pm me. Or post here what you're looking to get price or trade wise.
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    Any tg-16 collectors here? Need help with value

    I recently bought a 7 game lot that had dragon's curse sealed. Two of them. I want to keep one and trade the other for sega stuff. Problem is the last sealed one sold in 2013. So I'm trying to put a value on it for a friend that wants to trade
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    Tg16 cd docking station question.

    I've searched all over the net for this answer. Maybe someone has an answer for me. I have a tg16 with the cd system/ cd docking station complete and working. I came across a second CD docking station missing the cd player. Would i be able to use a pc engine CD player? It seems to look...
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    Made my first reproduction cart

    So it took a while to do this, I'm a bit slow when it comes to doing this. But had some help from members. Once i got a grasp on things. The hardest part was sticking the damn label on. Anyways opinions and thoughts please.
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    Wii U system new.

    Got this for christmas. Opened it up. Box was thrown out with receipt ( yolo) Never used, game is sealed. 225$ plus 20 shipping. OBO Sold for 175 shipped :)
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    Last blade 1&2 Neo Geo cd

    Both complete in boxes. Near mint. 55$ for both? Sold for 25 shipped*
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    NES bundle with boxed games and zapper and game gear bundle

    Alright, First things first. Sega genesis works. But the R/f out put does not work. Only the A/v for red/white/yellow work. It will not be coming with an A/v cord or power cord. Sorry i have no spares. The sega cd was working, then i powered it on today and got no lights. So it must need a...
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    WTB ps2 modchip install service?

    If anyone does installs please message me. I have 4 mod chips. Two super 7 e17s. As well as two modbo 4.0 chips. Sadly the only ps2 system i have is a later phat model from what i understand needs a romeo mod as well. If anyone can install it please pm me a quote. Thanks. Ego