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  1. brettybluevein

    Can someone give a condensed version of all the NG drama from back in the day?

    I've read a few things about Dion but I also hear mentions of other names from time to time when discussing with people, but in reality, I'd love to know the full stories. Can anyone provide a good Cliff notes version or at least provide links to the threads discussing all of the bad shit that...
  2. brettybluevein

    Played some Tecmo Superbowl last night....Seahawks WON!!

    Fired up the NES last night and had a game of Tecmo is that game fun! I was the Seahawks and pulled out a 49-7 victory so I imagine the game today will follow that score to a T ;) Anybody else playing some football vids today? I've never played Football Frenzy but want it badly...
  3. brettybluevein

    Just want to endorse these replacement cables!

    I just wanted to say I ordered a set of these to replace a shabby set of controller cables I had and they work nicely! The only downside is they are a touch shorter than the factory cables, but not by much...
  4. brettybluevein

    Would like a review of Andro Dunos from a shmup enthisiast please.

    Please give a short review of how it plays, compare it to other good shooters etc. It's a lot of money but it looks very fun. As a point of reference, some of my favorite shooters of all time are Robo Aleste, Raiden (series), Android Assault, Gradius V, Darius Gaiden, and Grind Stormer...
  5. brettybluevein

    Is Spinmaster worth owning?

    It seems like a really short game but also looks incredibly fun to me. Is it one that you return to on a semi regular basis or is it a play it once and then set on the shelf title?
  6. brettybluevein

    Is Metal Slug 6 worth buying an Atomiswave for?

    I have no real interest in any games besides Metal Slug 6 and maybe Dolphin Blue. Would those 2 games justify purchase of the hardware?
  7. brettybluevein

    Razion - anyone own it yet?

    How is it? Can you compare it to anything currently out there in terms of overall feel? I think I want it but I'm pissed I missed out on the AES run of it.
  8. brettybluevein

    WANTED: Metal Slug 2, 3 and 5 for AES

    Just throwing out a feeler to see if anyone has these games available as I'm on quite a MS kick lately. MS 3 and 5 I would like to buy authentic AES carts (region does not matter), but MS 2 I'd be willing to take a high quality conversion. Thanks for any help you can give. -Brett