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    **NES, and SNES bundles have been sold.** Thank you. :) Original thread below: Alright guys, it's time for me to put up a rather large NES bundle. Really hate to do it, but I am. Flash your cash, and pick up an instant collection. ;) You'll save yourself a lot of work (believe me), and money...
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    Added a few things, and I should be adding a bit more within the next few days. Looking for PayPal only at the moment. I'd like to sell most of this stuff fairly quick, so please feel free to make offers. Prices include shipping within the U.S. Thanks. :) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III...
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    FS: Sega CD / 32X combo

    Helloooooo. Could use a little extra cash at the moment, soooooooo I have a few things up for sale. :) Looking for PayPal only at the moment (sorry :(), and I'm politely requesting no holds. As usual, prices include shipping within the U.S.. (O RLY? YA RLY!) Open to reasonable offers as well...
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    FS: Slim PS2, NES bundle, Mini SNES, Sega CD unit, Sega Dreamcasts!

    Greetings. I'm trying to clear some space here, so I figured I'd have a little sale. My old sale thread was a bit cluttered, so here we are. Unless noted, all prices include shipping within the U.S. Looking for PayPal only at the moment. I should be adding pics a little later today, but...
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    WTB: Zelda Real Doll

    No insertion marks, you rapists.
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    FS: TMNT 3 LCD game, ColecoVision Bundle, + more

    Well, it's Spring cleaning time for me. I simply don't have enough space, so a few things have to go! I will be updating this thread periodically, so stay tuned. Updates should include some old school 80s boomboxes, and gaming goods. (*old* gaming goods...not PS3 / 360 ;)) As usual, I'm open to...
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    lol Paparazzi (Bustin' Caps with Brady Bunch)

    Normally I don't care about celebrity bullshit, but I found this to be hilarious. Can't stand the media, and paparazzi's the lowest scumbag form you can find. Too bad the shots missed. :lolz: Read the story below, or Click Here
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    FS: Loose MVS carts (Pulstar, and Metal Slug 5)

    - Pulstar, shitty label: $900 - Metal Slug 5, shitty game: (See Pulstar's price, and double it.) Seems to be what n00bs are charging / paying for these carts lately. :oh_no: U PAY VIA WESTERN UNION IN USD. A-OK? OK. POSITION BLOWJOB.
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    Passover Coca Cola (or) "How I pretended to be a Jew, and bought the cola."

    Just a reminder for anyone who likes Coca Cola, Passover Coca Cola (made with sugar, not HFCS) just hit store shelves today. I checked a few places without any success, and finally found some in one of the larger Jewish communities. Lately I haven't been drinking too much pop (yes, "pop" *middle...
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    Real Doll [used] $2000 U.S.

    Haha, I should've posted in here earlier. I miss Merc. If this doll were about 50 pounds heavier, he'd wreck it. :(
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    Real Doll [used] $2000 U.S.

    PM sent. /biblio
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    FS: Namco Arcade Stick: (PSX/PS2/PS3)

    Updated! Only looking to sell at the moment. As always, prices include shipping within the U.S. PayPal only, please. Thanks. :) **Stick is now PENDING SALE** - Namco PS1 / PS2 arcade stick (Haven't tried it on PS3, but I've heard it works.) More info on the Namco sticks...
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    Motorcycle Swap Meet Pics: **14.4 suicide :(**

    Hey hey. :) I went to a motorcycle swap meet earlier this weekend, and figured I'd post some pics for everyone. Overall it was a great show, featuring mostly vintage Harleys. (knuckleheads, flatheads, panheads, sportsters, shovelheads etc.) Variety's always good however, so I was a little...
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    **SOLD** 3rd Gen iPod Nano

    **SOLD** Greetings. :) My iPod Nano isn't getting a whole lot of use these days, so it's time to pass it along to someone else. It's a silver 4GB 3rd Gen (better design than the recent 4th Gen in my opinion), and it's in overall good condition. Screen looks almost new. Naturally, the player...
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    FS: PSX / PS2 JP imports (SS Zero, Tobal 2)

    Greetings. Just selling a few games I don't play a whole lot these days. Since these are imports, you will of course require a method to boot Japanese games. (Japanese or modified system, swap discs etc.) Prices include shipping within the U.S. Looking for PayPal only at the moment. Thanks! :)...
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    So I received the best Christmas present EVER...

    It comes with a razor, 5 refill cartridges, a manicure set, and a razor travel case! :buttrock: I like the dashboard Bobak too. Can't get into heaven without a dashboard Bobak.
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    :multi_co:NES carts are no longer for sale.:multi_co:
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    Super Stardust Portable on PSP...

    It's quite good. I'm surprised no one made a thread about it. :(
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    Happy Birthday, Rob! It's Mahvel baby. Where yo curly mustache at? Here's to my brother in processing arms. Have a good one man. :)
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    Happy Birfday, BIG!

    B'z up man, B'z up. Have a good one Chai. :buttrock: