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    Genesis Video Encoder Swap?

    I have a 2nd generation Genesis that has a shitty Samsung KA2195D Video encoder..... I was wondering if anyone had any idea if it were possible to swap it with a Sony CXA1645, or CXA2075. If so, is it a "drop in", or do i have to do anthing extra to make it work?
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    Toy Story Promotional Game Cart

    I recently bought a copy of Toy Story for Sega Genesis for 5 bucks. I'm not a fan of Toy Story, but this game caught my eye because it the label is in blue and whit, has no picture, and it reads.... "Disney's TOY STORY NOT FOR SALE For Promotional Purposes Only. PROPERTY OF DISNEY...
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    Has anyone delt with

    Anyone know if thier Mini marquees are any good, or if they are pleasant to work with?