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  1. J

    NEOSD MVS Support thread !

    Done this, still no fix. Game just shows plain black screen. Is my NeoSD cart borked?
  2. J

    NeoSD/MVS sound issue

    MV1B sadly
  3. J

    NeoSD/MVS sound issue

    Yeah, it's odd! It's a NeoSD cart and I've never had an issue with it until now. I'll have a fiddle on and see what I can figure out
  4. J

    NeoSD/MVS sound issue

    Hi. I've lost sound on my MVS mobo. I don't have any other games to check whether it's the mobo or cart that has the issue but the sound works fine on other pcb's Is this a common issue?
  5. J

    FS - MVS Carts UK

    Shipping to UK only please Prices include p&p Windjammers £85 Bargain!
  6. J

    MVS carts in UK/EU

    Looking for KOF 98, 02 or 03 Last Blade 1 or 2 SS2 Neo driftout Shock Troopers Baseball Stars 2 Garou Preferably in UK or EU for reasonable postage Thanks
  7. J

    4 slot cab

    I have bought a 4 slot cab that is coming without a mobo. Will it play a 1 slot or is the wiring too different? The 1 slots in the UK are a lot cheaper than 4 slots Thanks
  8. J

    Current collection

    3 non Neo cabs Also got a generic cab I play Neo Geo games on but hoping to sell it soon and buy an official UK Neo Geo cab And a TAF and Space Invaders
  9. J

    Current collection

    After dropping out of arcades for a few years and focusing on pinball I've now come full circle. On the look out for a U.K MVS cab to add to the collection so I can start collecting NG games again Here's my old collection from 10 years ago!
  10. J

    Street Fighter II cab

    Bought myself an old woody and have converted it to the best arcade game ever released!
  11. J

    AWSD/Egret Club

    Who's with me :vik:
  12. J

    AWSD and TSPP

    Been out of the Arcade scene for a while and concentrating on pinballs. Just picked these 2 up recently though :mr_t:
  13. J

    Spidey Pin

    Just traded up from my Twilight Zone to this. Only 3 years old and the first 'new' pin I've owned. My aim is to trade my way through all of the high end pins and at the end keep the one I've enjoyed the most. At the minute that's probably The Addams Family. Although when I played Medieval...
  14. J

    Project cab (Pic Heavy)

    So I was keeping my eye out for a cheap project when I spotted a Fixed Odds Betting Terminal for sale just up the road from me for £100 on ebay. It had been converted into a Mame cab so I offered him £75 and he accepted Its started out like a red version of this Somebody had painted it...
  15. J

    My new Pin!

  16. J

    I love SF IV

  17. J

    My New Naomi

    Just waiting on new sticks/buttons and a marquee and it will be as good as new :D I opted for the Net City colour scheme as i had a New Net City scheme on my old cab
  18. J

    WTB - Orange Naomi marquee

  19. J

    FS - Astro City Adaptor

    I had this specially made to use on my astro city with my Dreamcast MGCD but it can also be used on the 1000in1 gameboxes. Basically anyone who has used a gamebox or MGCD will know that they are far from straight jamma. Buttons 5 and 6 are usually already wired to GND and if youre like me then...
  20. J

    WTB - Radiant Silvergun and STV Mobo

    Any region, name your price