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  1. FairlanePhantom

    New SNK and Capcom figures on the way.

    Not sure how many of you are also into action figures, but there's a new line coming out of SNK toys. There's plenty of SNK figures in Japan, but they're primarily gashapon, nothing you can really do anything with. They're being released by D Arts, which is the video game line from Figuarts...
  2. FairlanePhantom

    Problems modding a PS2 controller for an arcade stick

    Been trying to mod a controller and use it inside an arcade stick, but I've been running into a problem. After I solder the leads for the joystick, it tends to pick a direction to be stuck in. Like now it's stuck in the up position. I tried it on another and it was stuck on left. Neither time...
  3. FairlanePhantom

    Anyone know about system 80 pinball?

    Last month I bought a Black Hole pinball for the father in law. Everything worked on it, but the pop bumpers are all pretty much dead. Only the top center bumper has been working. I went through and tested all transistors on the driver boards, and they all seemed good but two, and one coil was...
  4. FairlanePhantom

    Stick swap on MVS candy

    Haven't been around in awhile, but I ran into an issue with my MVS candy cabinet. Finally got around to buying new sticks and buttons for it, I came to find that I have no idea how to get the sticks in there out of the panel. I see the studs holding it in, but no hex or screw head to speak of to...
  5. FairlanePhantom

    FS: 4 player Nintendo tent cabinet and Dynamo

    Bought this cabinet a few years ago as a project, and I'll never finish it. I bought it when gas prices were at their worst, so when I thought I was spending $200, I was surprised by $400 shipping. Everything on the outside is complete, besides one mini marquee holder missing. Both monitors were...
  6. FairlanePhantom

    No sound on Last Blade 2

    I have absolutely no sound in the game, not even distortion or hissing. All graphics are fine, the game plays perfectly besides not having sound. I swapped in another CHA512Y board from a friend's board set, and it had sound again, so I know it's something with the one board. I also reflowed all...
  7. FairlanePhantom

    Wanted: cheap Last Blade 2 broken or beaten.

    Need a broken are just plain nasty copy of Last Blade 2. The copy I own doesn't have sound, so I'm looking for a nasty one to swap in it's shell, or a bad copy with working sound, bad graphics is fine.
  8. FairlanePhantom

    Buying carts in Japan

    In about two weeks my girlfriend is going to Japan, and I'm going to use that as my chance to pick up carts without paying a markup and shipping combined from importers. Anyone know of any of the shops there that still have MVS carts?
  9. FairlanePhantom

    FS: Wii, DS, Gamecube, PSP, Genesis games

    Have a few games for sale, all $12 each plus shipping. CvS2 Metal Slug Anthology (have for both Wii and PSP) King of Fighters Collection Resident Evil 3 DS Opera Browser All games complete with manuals. Also Genesis 6-Pack for $2, it has: Sonic, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Revenge of...
  10. FairlanePhantom

    Need Wg parts.

    Cabinet I bought a few years ago never had blue and I finally got around to finding out it was the main IC on the chassis that controlled color. It's from a WG k7000 series and a NEC 1397C encoder. Anyone have one of these as spare parts or know where I can track one down?
  11. FairlanePhantom

    Diagonal lines on two WG monitors

    I have two Wells Gardner monitors that have the same symptom: One of them has all colors but is somewhat dim. The other doesn't particularly show a color until it's either excessively bleeding or turns the entire screen that color. One source said to replace the transistors on the neck for...
  12. FairlanePhantom

    Emulators on the Droid phone

    Are there any good emulators for the Droid from Verizon? Even if it can only play MS1 I'd be happy.
  13. FairlanePhantom

    Problem with Sony projection television

    Have a Sony projection television KP 53865 from 99 and I'm not sure if the trouble code applies to these models, but it has a consistent blink from the standby light. Supposedly this means it's the Jungle IC301 or the traces leading up to it. Can anyone confirm that? Also, I've never touched...
  14. FairlanePhantom

    Haven't seen this label

    Found League Bowling with a fake label, and under it was this one. Has anyone seen it before?
  15. FairlanePhantom

    Wanted: Ninja Masters MVS

    Looking for a copy with a clean original English label.
  16. FairlanePhantom

    For Sale: WindJammers MVS Jp

    Japanese label Windjammers for the MVS. Asking $30 plus shipping, should have a picture up by Friday. Sold.
  17. FairlanePhantom

    NOS WG parts

    Anyone know who stocks WG parts? I need a transformer for a monitor and WG apparently doesn't carry them anymore. I need one for a monitor that is really hurting and another that is just dim. They're both K7400 series.
  18. FairlanePhantom

    Problems with EM pinball.

    Have a King Rex table that has been down completely for a few months. I just got it working again, but after the points reset and the game is suposedly active, points aren't registered, and the flippers don't work. I don't have a schematic for this table, so any help on where I should focus...
  19. FairlanePhantom

    WG monitor has no red

    Second time this has happened, a k7400 monitor has completely lost red. Turning up the pots doesn't even create washout. Anywhere particularly I should look?
  20. FairlanePhantom

    Anyone know automotive wiring?

    My car is exempt from safety inspections and my third brakelight housing is falling apart, so I want to eliminate the light all together. I have a light on my dash that comes on if one of my brake lights are out, so if I just remove the assembly, I have a red light on the cluster in my face...