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    marcio1986 MVS and Arcade Collection

    Its not a big one, but for a 1 month old collection its not that bad. Here is some new pics of my GreenGold cab with new Seimitsu LS-32 Sticks and Sanwa 30mm buttons and Atro's World Rally Championship just for show :) Update 2-10-14 NEO GEO MVS Collection
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    SNK Playmore recruiting for new KoF

    I guess this confirms a new KoF is in the works.
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    Offerring MVS SNKG White Cart

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I don't think this is Market related since I'm not really selling. I have an empty SNKG white cart shell, that I don't have use for, to tell the truth I find the thing ugly as shit, but maybe some of you guys may think otherwise...
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    Greetings from Portugal

    Finally! it only took a week (I may be exaggerating a little bit) for me to be able to open my own threads, now I can make a proper introduction :) Hi guys, I've been addicted to video games since I was a little kid trying to reach the cabinet screen lifting my feet with my toes. As soon as I...