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    Sega Master System US nearly complete collection

    Sorry forum riders for my absence. I have all rare titles including Buster Douglas, Strider etc. pm if your interested in trades for what you have. Interested in rare console games, arcade pcbs thanks
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    Sega Master System US nearly complete collection

    Oh forgot to say interested in trades not cash
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    Hyper 64 updated price list?

    Yes, Second that inquiry. It seems the market has dropped on Hyper games and stuff or is priced for royalty. Hard to find and equally hard to price these days.
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    Sega Master System US nearly complete collection

    I have a nearly complete US Sega Master system collection that I am considering selling which has all of the rarest games complete in original condition. I don’t want to break it up though because it has taken me years to collect. Anyone interested can send me a pm and can reply for more information
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    MS1 JP Version

    Anybody have an original AES Metal Slug 1 JP version for sale? Serious buyer inquiry thanks,
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    Massive Sega CD Collection

    Up for grab is a Sega CD collection with over 60 CIB games and boxed Sega CD / w Genesis - pics coming soon as I am still digging through storage. Early birds can pm me for private photos. And this will also be listed in an Ebay auction, but I wanted forum members to have first shot. Lots of...
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    Totoro totally trustworthy -great overseas buyer.

    Couldn't leave feedback since our transaction was on ebay, but totoro is a great buyer. IMO
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    Anybody played Zeroigar for pc fx?

    Is it me or is this game tough. I can't seem to figure out what weapons to use on what bosses in anime mode. Can anybody help? thanks, tlh
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    $200 US for minty CIB Sega CD

    WTB Championship Soccer - Having difficulty finding this title. Will pay $200 US via pay pal for mint copy. tlh
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    WTB- Sega CD Championship Soccer 94

    Does anyone have this game for the Sega CD- Interested in immediate purchase. thanks for looking, tlh
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    For Sale: Complete kits mint - DeathSmiles, ESP Galuda 1, 2 and IBARA Capcom CPS2 PRO GEAR, PCB Only - Dangun Feveron, Let me know if any of you forum members are interested. Thanks, tlh
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    WTB Sega Cd Games

    Hi, looking to buy Sega CD games - must be complete in collectors condition - will pay top dollar for Wolfchild cardboard box version complete, Sony championship soccer, needed to complete collection. thanks, tlh
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    Does anyone know how to find RGB on a Laseractive?

    Hi, I am looking to mod a Pioneer Laseractive CLD - 100 player to output RGB. Does anyone know where I can get signal, other than off the micro chroma encoder, which would be difficult at best. Is there a cap leg that I can draw from ? If so, does anyone know where? Thanks, tlh
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    I have for sale a loaded Hyper 64 Candy Cab located in NO. California. PM me with serious inquiries only and plan on local pickup. Pricing negotiable, but this is a clean cab with motherboard, harness and a good monitor all original with original marquee. This if from my private collection...
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    FS Hyper 64 Candy Cab loaded with MB and Game

    Hi, I have for sale a nice loaded Hyper 64 Candy. PM me for pics and pricing if interested. Please, serious inquiry only and local pickup in NO California. This Cab is heavy so shipping is probably cost prohibitive. thanks, tlh
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    WTB Pioneer LaserActive Player CLD-100 Nec PAC

    Hi, got the player and now like the rest of you I need the NEC PAC. Anyone have a line on the NEC pac for the Pioneer LaserActive or know where I can get one? thanks, tlh
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    For Sale Original Neo 64 Cab with Buriki

    Orginal 64 cab loaded for sale. Price $750 Must arrange for pick up though. Can post some pics on request. tlh
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    Great Sellers that you can trust!

    Great transactions with Brentsg, Pocketgamer, Snoot, Pixeljunkie and Caldwert. Great trustworthy sellers all! Fast delivery of items as described.. Life is good! tlh
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    Beware Atomikwave Conversions!

    Ok, I am not going to just sit by and watch our members get scammed by a company who is selling conversions to scammers. Its time to speak up. The company Atomikwave, has been selling conversions on ebay as conversions that are almost identical in artwork to the original. This French company...
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    WTB CPS2 Boards

    WTB CPS2 boards, Cave shmups, and CPS1 Knights of the Round. Send me a pm if you have any of these. thanks,, tlh