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  1. dragonpt

    Corrosive foam on the 4 slots...

    Yeah. That was done professionally... Thanks for the foam advise, i always remove the foam of my boards. Just takes time and lots of patience and lots of IPA
  2. dragonpt

    MVS 1F Crosshatch

    ack Thank you so much to take the time to help me out. You where totally right, issue was with ROMOEL. There where a couple Through-Hole Vias near NEO-C1 with intermittent signal, likely rust... The via in question was connecting NEO-IO (31) ROMOEL --> NEO-C1 (91) ROMOEL The via next to...
  3. dragonpt

    MVS 1F Crosshatch

    Hi thanks for the help sure, with Metal Slug ( 1 - original ) Just dunno, why it shows "slot 2" ... it's an 1 slot lol cheers Edit: Forgot to tell that Diag bios says all tests passed
  4. dragonpt

    MVS 1F Crosshatch

    Hi guys Got this board in January for 20 eur, since it was pretty much dead. The usual battery leaking issues (corrosion on traces from 6116) Both work rams where dead Several traces around NEO-F0 also patched ( through holes corrosion ) After all the above fixs. the board + game, booted...
  5. dragonpt

    NeoGeo CD SD Loader

    I need to get one of this for Xmas, my NGCD is getting dust
  6. dragonpt

    WTS: SSV NeoGeo MVS

    Hi all Unfortunately I'm selling some stuff, covid had turned my life upside-down. Selling my lovely SSV MVS cart ( not the SSV special) It's the vanilla one, bought here on years ago in the group buy 30eur +5 eur for shipping ( European Union) I just need some quick cash Thanks...
  7. dragonpt

    DarkSeed proto: Improvements , what can be done?

    So i totally felt in love with this proto game that NeoTurfMasta found out original thread here: unfortunately its very incompleted : -No sounds whatsoever -missing...
  8. dragonpt

    What's the story about this " unknown " MVS boards?

    So, I just got a "new" MVS board, looked like it was an mv1fz , but instead it shows on the PCB : NEO-MVH MV-1ACH Made in Japan 1995 Edit : picture I also saw there was another one sold by the seller that is slightly different : NEO-MVH MV-1A Both have an 40pin...
  9. dragonpt

    SNK original development kit pics

    Sorry if this is a re-post Was searching on an old HDD and found this, don't remembered where I got them... So I just decided to share this, just in case I probably have more pics around... Cheers
  10. dragonpt

    PSU: quest?s

    Boas grandes mestres Tenho l em casa uns quantos psu de 6v 2.5/ 3.0 amp Acham que posso usar sem stress ou o 1 volt a mais na linha de 5v pode danificar? Talvez um voltage regulator 5v em linha seja mesmo necessario? Cts
  11. dragonpt

    MVS estou farto!!!!

    Mas esta porra é demais A minha 1slot avariou (backup ram errors), estou a espera de uns IC's e de uma unibios para tentar mete-la operacional outra vez ,,,, fui então buscar a minha 4 slot (como nova) e agora da-me ou imagem completamente cheia de lixo () com/sem cart ou quando a imagem...
  12. dragonpt

    mv1fz backup ram errors (again)

    hi so my lovely 1fz from time to time throws me this errors : backup ram error Address 00D00000 write 5555 read 8055 or read 8655 / 8455 / 8255 i've triple checked the RAM 3 / RAM 4 pinout RAM3 1 RAM4 (1), RAM1 (1), RAM2 (1), CPU1 (46), GU5 (33), SP1 (36), CN2 (24A) 2 RAM4 (2)...
  13. dragonpt

    WTB: Sega Megadrive 32x

    Like the title says, im looking for a sega megadrive/ genesis 32x , PAL/ or US model If anyone has one for sale ( from Europe) please pm me, reply here Thanks Cheers
  14. dragonpt

    ebay: several neo boards , bootlegs?

    Hey Just saw this today on ebay for sale Those window eeprom, this are all probably just bootlegs right? From
  15. dragonpt

    Any solution for the MV1FZ 5v low sound?

    Like the title: Is there any solution for the low sound on the mv1fz, after making the 5v mod? I need to put my TV volume on max to get any sound (i recap all the board btw, it's not related to that...) Regards
  16. dragonpt

    ahhh e o vicio voltou.......

    Mais de um ano parado... STATUS: - O meu velhinho CRT morreu, tenho de usar a LCD -A 4 slot precisa de uma pilha nova (tinha-lhe feito uma mod de bateria externa) -Uma das fontes ATX morreu, tenho mais duas ;) Tive de recorrer a 1slot, grande vicio hehe, fiz uma maratona de Metal Slug 1.2,x,3...
  17. dragonpt

    FS: Japanese SSV mvs carts (Taking Interest on 3rd Order)

    i know, but i just love them so much :D btw... got this baby yesterday Thanks Fox
  18. dragonpt

    MV1FZ on LCD

    Hey guys :D Just finish another mv1fz for an friend. But he got an BIG LCD, and the image is so BAD and the sync is messed up too. Plays good on small tv's and on CRT. If i remember right (i think it was Xian Xi), i think the solution is maybe an 1k pot on the sync line right? thanks
  19. dragonpt

    AES - MVS Adaptor ( you read it right ) ?

    Hello mates So i just got a very nice deal, to get my first cab. Heres the deal: -Hiper Video MSV cab (?) , cab is ok, monitor is a bit faulty needs repair 3 games : -King of Fighters 99 -Puzzle Bobble -Goal! Goal! Goal! - 1 slot mobo (he doenst know what rev, im waiting for the mobo pics)...
  20. dragonpt

    About the HNG 64

    So i got the hyper neo 64rev 2 (new in the box), with 3 fighting games. i saw some topics that people talk, we need the -5 volts for the sound, but i didnt put those -5v on my home build supergun, and so far, no problems at all. the sound is very good The -5v is only for the sound, or thus...