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  1. Neco_Coneco

    Best Buy Buy 2 get 1 free on all 3DS games (ends 9/8)

    Best Buy Buy 2 get 1 free on all 3DS games (ends 9/8) They have most of the games instock online and in local stores. I picked up Super Mario 3D Land Mario Kart 7 Legend of Zelda OOT 3D
  2. Neco_Coneco

    Namco Cyberlead Nanao monitor help - V-hold

    Hello, I am trying to hookup my pc to my Namco Cyberlead using jpac. I used PowerStrip to get a resolution the monitor can handle but no matter what settings I try the vertical scrolling is constant. I was hoping to try adjusting the v-hold on the monitor itself but I have no idea where the...
  3. Neco_Coneco

    Had to put my cat down today

    My cat Paula was 19 years old and we had a great life together but this is the worst feeling I have ever had. She was fine when I left for work this morning and when I got home she wasn't able to stand on her right paws. She crawled over to me and I lost it. I knew right away that when I took...
  4. Neco_Coneco

    DoDonPachi 360 - Weird Replays

    Has anyone tried downloading the replays from the LIVE leaderboard? No matter which one I download its the same video of some guy just hanging to the left of the screen wasting all his bombs and losing in 20 seconds. Its weird when you go to the menu to view them they are showing up as...
  5. Neco_Coneco

    Manson - Eat Me Drink Me 08

    I don't if there are any other Marilyn Manson fans here. I just saw his show in Boston last night and it was the best concert I have ever been to. I know his music isn't for everyone. It was in the Orphuem and everything sounded really good there. He was on for over 90 mins played new stuff...
  6. Neco_Coneco

    califoreigner- A fantastic seller!

    I just had a great deal with califoreigner. He shipped blazing fast (same day!) and kept great communication throughout. One of my best deals ever. Fantastic seller and nice guy :D
  7. Neco_Coneco

    Anywhere I can buy a PS2 to Jamma adapter?

    Anyone know of a good place to buy a PS2 to jamma adapter. Looking for something that is just plug and play. Thanks for the info in advance.
  8. Neco_Coneco

    NBA Draft 07 ,

    NBA Draft 07 and offseason , As a Celtics fan I am pissed again. C's traded the 5th pick, Wally, Delonte West for Ray Allen. What a crap move, after all the talk of trying for Garnett or Marion or even Lewis from the Sonics who would have been a better fit. I would have been...
  9. Neco_Coneco

    Anyone watch NESN HD

    For the new england members, anyone out there watch NESN. I was suprised how awesome the quality is. Its the clearest and sharpest HD channel I get. I was watching the Bruins and you could see the sweat on their forehead when they zoomed in. I cant wait to watch the Red Sox in HD this season...
  10. Neco_Coneco

    Cyberlead Tech Thread

    Hello, I just got my cyberlead cabinet and found this pic online. My problem is I am trying to lower the volume but the volume knob you see in this pic does not do the trick This seems like a secondary volume since when i turn it up i hear like louder bg noise and static noise if i crank it...
  11. Neco_Coneco

    funny email: Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

    Someone sent this to me i got a laugh from it --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a prime example of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" offered by an English professor from the University of Colorado for an actual class assignment...
  12. Neco_Coneco

    Help with my 96 Grand AM fuel door

    Does anyone know where in the trunk i can find the emergency fuel door release. My manual does not mention it i cant find any info on the net and my door wont open. I am very low on gas an won't be able to make it to school tomorrow without some gas. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  13. Neco_Coneco

    Couple Questions IREM

    Hello, I am thinking about buying this cab. Just a couple of questions. Is this a good price? Will I be able to find a new cp online somewhere, For 6 button layout? Also if someone is...
  14. Neco_Coneco

    PS2 February RPGs

    This month two big ones are out Tales of Legendia and Grandia 3. I really enjoyed Symphonia and have heard alot of negative comments about G3 but I think my first purchase will still be Grandia. I have always loved the battle system and the story seems good enough for me. It may not be the...
  15. Neco_Coneco

    What game is this?

    Could someone please tell me what game this is. It looks pretty fun I would love to give it a go
  16. Neco_Coneco

    lcd monitors?

    Hi guys, Wondering if some of the monitor experts could recommend me a few lcds. I want 21-24" and to spend around 500-700(if its a little higher and you think its worth the money please list that too, just no 1k+ ones). So far the Gateway we have been viewing seems nice and has some good...
  17. Neco_Coneco

    360 Gamertag ~ and meeting center

    Please post your gamertag and what games your playing so we can all meet up some time :D Tag: NecoConeco Games: PDZ, Madden06, NBA 2K6, PGR3 (soon either cod2 or some racer ^_^)
  18. Neco_Coneco

    I hate WCVB (ABC) Boston

    No LOST tonight. They are showing the god damn red sox game which is also on ESPN. This is complete BS I am dieing to find out what happens. After the show could someone please post what happens. :conf: Thanks
  19. Neco_Coneco

    Eyedentity PS3

    Does anyone have some info on this game I saw a movie a while back it looked awesome. It seems to play like the PS2 game lifeline where you talk and guide these two female secret agents throughout the level. The added thing is your picture is in the game. Like they go into this room turn on a...
  20. Neco_Coneco

    wierd penis thumb photo on

    Nesgawa pointed out wierd penis thumb, my crap thread has now made a sudden turn to awesome