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    A New Forum I found

    I just found a new forum that almost covers some of the bases. Only now I found out that forum is like all the others. It's run by some one named Becky
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    Can Teochef Be Trusted?

    Teochef, a member of ebay runs a store; here's the address: Can he be trusted? Does he do good service in his store?
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    Wanted: US AES of Viewpoint

    Wanted: a US AES copy of Viewpoint. Must be in mint condition and complete with cover, case and booklet. Only honest and reliable sellers get in contact!! Will pay $102. Thanks.
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    A Secret Debug For Aero Fighters 2

    While playing with the buttons on my controller during the demo screens for Aero Fighters 2, I came across a blue debug menu that had abilites for stages, enemy checking and tests and sound tests, a lot of tech stuff. The only problem is, I don't remember which buttons I pushed, so since then i...
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    Must Know Nihongo Revisited

    For those of you in the forum fluent in Japanese, can any of you trans late the following text here below into english? It's off some booklet I got. If not, I understand. Thanks.
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    Trust teo chef? Just a question.

    Should we trust teochef and his offers forgames? I saw the same game on ebay a year ago, and now it's here again on ebay.
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    Stop MVS To AES coversions--They Ain't Safe

    It turns out, based on research the game conversions from MVS to AES can cause damage to your AES, and be sides such conversions would be like boot legs, not a legit thing, so don't you think it's time we stop such MVS to AES conversions?
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    Help me submit my collection!!

    I tried sumbmitting my photo collection of Neo geo stuff for your collection gallery, but i get nuttin but POP mail gobbldygook. HELP!!
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    an Unfair Trade

    It's an unkind thing, in nearly every fighting game, when just as you've finished beating the last of your oppenents, an (occasionally) unselectable extra fighter (a la Rugal for instance)steps in with cheap moves to finish you; only when you beat that character do you truly win. It's in most...
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    Is my game ruined?

    HALP!! I got a legit copy of an American Samurai Shodown 2, but it seems sometimes when I put it in my AES and start it, the image, especially the start up screen looks a bit broken up and pixeled in some spots; I have to pull it out and and put it back in to get the image right. PLEASE HALP!! I...
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    The search for an S vid connector.

    I want to get me an S vid connector for my Atari Jaguar, but I've had no luck on E bay. Is there a way to get one elsewhere? Or is there a way to make one? Please help!! Thanks!!
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    Wanted: an American AES copy of The Last Blade

    wanted: an American (NOT Japanese, nor Euro) AES copy of The Last Blade Must be in mint condition and complete with cover, case and booklet. Only honest and reliable sellers get in contact!! Thanks. --Corkscrew (NOT Corky)
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    Wot A Jolt!!

    I am worried over MVS to AES converted carts. They might ruin my AES. Would they?
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    Wanted: a US only AES Viewpoint

    Wanted: a US (not jap and/or euro) AES version of Viewpoint. Must be in mint condition and complete with cover, case and booklet. Only honest and reliable sellers get in contact!! Thanks!!
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    What's The Connection?

    I own an RCA 36 inch TV, which supports Svid, Composite and component. I bought it in January of 2004. But when i hooked up my DVD player to the componet inputs, and played a disc, not a thing came onscreen. Then i tried switching the plugs in the input section, all i got was balck and white or...
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    My collection

    I had always dream of submitting my Neo Geo collection in your collection gallery, but but to technical difficulties, along with the gallery refusing to take my photos, I had to post them here in the forum. I hope someday, they'll br transferred somehow to the collection gallery. but for now...
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    Wot's in a name #1 in a series

    What does Gekka no Kenshi (The Last Blade) mean in English?
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    It's official--FOR REAL!! I just sent my AES to JMK, and if all goes well, it'll be a souped up hot rod with the new mods at hand!!
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    No 'mo AES games for me....

    I uesd to get all my AES games (I got 13 so far) from Ebay; my brother's a member so he'd get them for me with his bidding. Alas, we got into a fight, and he called selfish, and it ended with he cutting off any further e bay purchases of ANYTHING from Ebay, and what's worse, changed his ebay...
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    Halp!! I want to submit my photos of my Neo Geo collection, but i am unable to do so, when it comes to submitting them via the e mail secion in the Collections section. I did exactly what the directions said, just like all the other submitters did, but I keep getting a message sayin' something...