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  1. td741

    Late to the Party: PS3

    I finally grabbed a PS3. It's a pre-slim PS3 with the software ps2 "compatibility". Took advantage of a TRU sale to start off my collection of PS3 exclusives. So far I've got Demon Souls, Uncharted 1&2 (two pack), inFamous. I also picked up the God of War collection (I sold my PS2 long...
  2. td741

    Vote for Barbie's next career.

    This is for those of you with young daughters:
  3. td741

    Help from Members in Oz. Suggestion for ISP?

    My sister-in-law is moving to Sydney next week. She's looking at getting broadband access. Anyone from Sydney have suggestions on a good ISP? (Or any suggestions on who to avoid? :P) Thanks.
  4. td741

    Going to Vienna (Austria)

    My wife and I aren't feeling the holiday spirit this year and just want a change of scene. We already did the "fly south" thing a few years back. This year, I sort of picked Vienna on a whim. We're heading out on the 23rd (arriving the 24th) and leaving on the 29th. Anyone have any...
  5. td741

    FS: PSP1001 & XBOX 360 Wireless Guitar

    PSP 1001 I "upgraded" to a PSP3000 a few months ago (I wanted the Skype Client for use when I'm stuck in airports and laptop-less). That said, I don't really need my original launch PSP anymore. Comes with: PSP Sleeve Official Charger Original 32mb Sony memory stick duo 512mb Sandisk memory...
  6. td741

    What to get: Nintendo Club rewards...

    The choice for platinum rewards are: -A specialized Wii-Ware version of Punch-Out where you fight Doc Louis. (So far, it seems like it's only him) -A replica Mario Hat (it kind of looks like the poofy Mario 64 hat.) Which to get? I'm leaning to Punch-Out, but I don't know, it's nice to get...
  7. td741

    Meat Water?!

    Umm... Okay, can some of our international members actually confirm that this is real: ?
  8. td741

    Ahh... Fox News...
  9. td741

    Tired of hearing of the US Election? How about the canadian one?

    Yes, Canada is also having its own federal elections (on October14th). This is a nice little spoof of the campaigns from the various parties so far:
  10. td741

    ABC's "I Survived a Japanese Game Show"?

    I did a search and couldn't find anything mentionned (search died on me.) I figured I'd ask? Has anyone caught the premier for "I Survived a Japanese Game Show?" earlier this week (Tuesday?) If you take the story at face value, they grab a bunch of applicants that agreed to participate in a...
  11. td741

    WTF: My public library now has Wii and XBox 360 games?!

    You can borrow Wii and Xbox 360 games at the library?! Wow... Well, off to request titles that I wouldn't have paid money for just to see if they're worth while. :P
  12. td741

    Canucks: BioShock (360) on sale for 40$ at Walmart.

    Picked one up yesterday. Yeah, yeah, I know, late to the party.
  13. td741

    FS/T: DS, Wii, NGPC games for X360 games

    I'm getting an XBox 360 in a deal, and I figure I might as well take some of the games I'm not playing aside. All games are in great shape, include case, instructions (might even have [extra] french [as well as english] instructions included for games I bought in Canada) and game. Prices are...
  14. td741

    eBay bans sellers from posting negative Feedback? eBay Stirs the Pot With Seller Feedback Ban By Erika Morphy E-Commerce Times 02/07/08 10:38 AM PT "When a buyer pays for the item but has not received it, the buyer has completely...
  15. td741

    Canucks: Anyone watching "jPod" tonight (Jan 8th) @9pm CBC?

    I rarely plan my TV watching ahead but I'm curious to see how they'll bring a Douglas Coupland book to a TV series... ;) For the clueless: "jPod" is based on a team working at a gaming company in Vancouver (that for legal reasons is "unofficially" inspired by E.A.). And in typical Douglas...
  16. td741

    Geometry Wars DS 19.99$CAD

    While hunting for Boxing Day deals I found this: It's weird, they have 2 entries for Geometry Wars DS, one is 29.99$ and this one at 19.99$. I already ordered mine.
  17. td741

    Who do you look like? (Website)

    Go here: Submit a picture of yourself. Let it process and it spits out a list of your likenesses... From a bad picture (kinda noisy), I was told that: I'm a 63% match of Lars Von Trier... Next match is 57% James Doohan? (They show...
  18. td741

    Fun GPS'es with various interesting modes...
  19. td741

    SONY press conference

    Didn't see this starting, but I figured I'd watch the video after Nintendo's. Err... Jack Tretton playing the shy guy that is nervous... First big announcement: new model PSP that is lighter, slightly less thick, has video-out and a slightly better battery use. (Current model will be sold for...
  20. td741

    Take the DS out to the Ball Game... Nintendo testing interactive baseball fan network Updated Mon. Jul. 9 2007 9:06 AM ET Associated Press SEATTLE -- Ballpark essentials: hot dogs, peanuts, a well-worn glove and ...