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    Hilarious Squirrel Grenade Story..

    Dont know if this has been posted here before.. but I got it from from a thread there... ___________________________________________________ I never dreamed slowly cruising through a residential neighborhood could be so incredibly dangerous! Studies have shown that...
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    DevilRedeemed, here's your ghost thread! (Ghost Experiences)

    Sounds like a fucking great idea to me, so lets get this thang going. I myself have never had a ghost experience (knock on wood), but I'd like VERY much to hear from others. Especially DevilRedeemed.
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    This is the BEST thing I have ever seen. If you like Heart of Darkness get in here This is the best puzzle game I have seen in a while. The concept and imagination is just amazing. I love this.
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    what are you listening too #5237324843

    Me- Dimmu Borgir- Enthrone Darkness Triumphant Rush- Spirit of Radio Electric Wizard- Dopethrone Dark Tranquillity- Haven, Damage Done, Projector In Flames- Whoracle Opeth- My arms/your hearse, deliverance You?
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    Video card Driver help

    I've been told in order for my new video card to work, i have to get rid of the current Intel Graphics Controller drivers in there now, but I'm not sure how. If anyone could tell me I'd appreciate i t.
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    Video card help needed badly

    I recently put in my GeForce 4 into my computer. Everything seemed to go well, like puting it in and everything. It was smooth. I'm having a wicked problem though. The display is badly screwed up. Its hard to describe. Its like when you play a game on a dusty nintendo. There are weird lines and...
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    Most annoying commercials thread

    Well, my vote would have to go to the new "Fanta" commercial. I hate those skanky hot bitches and their devil song. The runner-up is DEFINETLY this commercial that runs in Connecticut. They have these "mystery cruises" that run down the CT river where some actor gets shot, and you have to find...
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    Quality X-Box Games

    This will probably come off as severely retarted, but basically all I have played on my X-Box for a year (literally) is Halo. I just realized that there must be some more fantastic games out there. I have totally neglected to look at any X-Box game praises on this board, so If anyone could...
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    Simpsons: Singing Hobo Episode

    Hey, I was just thinking about the Singing Hobo episode of the Simpsons. When they first get on the train, the Hobo sings the quick little tune that goes something like "Nothing beats the hobo life, stabbin' folks with my hobo knife" this doesn't sound quite right. I think its longer, but I'm...
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    Video card help

    No lies need be told here. I am an Everquest fiend. Recently when the game got new patches and lots of things were changed, I was unable to play on my good computer. So I am currently playing the game on an HP Pavillion 8755C. The PC has 512 Ram, but it also has a video card (not even) called...
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    Melodic Metal Fans UNITE!

    Hey, I've been really wondering how many people are into this type of genious music. I'd expect not too many people to know what the hell I am talking about, but I hope there are a few. Not just melodic metal, but other metal as well. I am not talking about Nu-Metal like Disturbed or Trust...
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    Mega Man X Hadoken Upgrade

    Hello, recently one night when I couldn't sleep, I decided to beat Mega Man X. I got all my sub and heart tanks, and beat all the mavericks. I also got all four armor upgrades. I never got the Hadoken upgrade, and I tried to acheive it using an online guide. This did not work. So has anyone...
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    SS3 Fans REJOICE!

    Anyone else here find SS3 the best of the Samurai Showdown/Spirits series? I think the sprites are fantastically wonderful. I all of a sudden got the mad urge for SS, so I will be purchasing this soon.
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    Looking for a Samurai Showdown 4 MVS Cart (loose)

    Working condition please, no major damage. I don't do paypal (I'm expecting to pay by Money Order). Please send me a PM, or e-mail me at because it is unlikely that I will check back here. Thanks
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    Guitar Players of the board UNITE!

    Hey everyone, It's time for a new guitar. I have my Firebird which im using for jazz/blues and I'm loving it. I have been using a Squire Telecaster for a long time and it has hit the dust. The Squire necks go to hell quickly. I'm thinking of purchasing a Fender Strat or Tele. What models are...
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    want to trade x-box and ps2 games for Phantasy Star Online (X-Box)

    Hey i'm looking for a copy of phantasy star online for x-box. it doesn't have to be sealed, just complete and mint. Games I can trade include- -Shenmue 2 for X-Box complete but missing the DVD -007 Nightfire for X-Box complete -LORD OF THE RINGS : THE TWO TOWERS for PS2 complete -I also...
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    The Uncanny return of ZeroMJ, again.

    I know noone really gives a crap when I just dissapear and then one magical day come back, but I may as well make my presence noticed. What have I missed in the Neo-Geo scene in the last about oh... 5 months I think it was? I have not forgotten the Neo, for I have been playing my 1-slot very...
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    I got my MVS Cabinet.

    Last night after venturing all around Rhode Island looking for 1265 Mendon Road (which despite my attempts to find it in an apartment type building was actually a large factory/warehouse that is larger than modern Wal-Marts.) So anyway I got it and boy is it purdy. This is absolutley the...
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    WTB Metal Slug MVS Cart only with Mini Marque

    Let me know, PM me, reply here or Mini Marque not neccesary, but would be nice.
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    Help me and bid on my auction!

    <a href="" target="_blank">HELP ME AND BID</a> Here's the scoop. For some goddamn reason this auction has gotten bids next to nothing. If ZeroMJ's auction does not go above $250, ZeroMJ does not get a 1-slot that he has waiting for...