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    Pope died. :(

    that's very sad. :(,2933,152271,00.html
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    Beating Rage of the Dragons... can it be done?

    i spent 3-4 hours today one easy mode trying to beat it and i cannot... is there are rtick that maybe i missed?
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    Can anyone beat metal slug 3 without continuing?

    i just right now finally beat it with only continuing 2 times (yeah, i put it on easy)... i've been playing thi sgame for YEARS and i think it wold be impossible to do it in any difficulty mode with 5 tries or less.
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    What game has better usa art than japan art?

    as far as i can see it looks like fatal fury 1 for sure does not and though maybe babeball stars 2 and metal slug 3 do... am i missing anything else obvious? edited because i am ratarted... no really i am.
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    Do you own any Neo Games you cannot beat?

    For me it's 2 games Nam 75 and Maigician Lord. In the case of NAM I get hit once and it's over. WIth ML, I have a memory card , but the knight mini booss on the last level always gets me.
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    Does anyone has a complete list of all Korean Neo Geo titles?

    I know of Real Bout Special, Samurai Shodown 4 and KOF 97, but what else?
  7. P is offering new samurai spirits 2, quiz, mahjong games for 25% off!

    i just got their e-mail and thought i'd share with anyone who did not get it. i just went and got me a ss2. :D
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    $ PAID FOE SNES, N64 and Saturn games

    I am looking for the following: -A new/sealed copy of Sega Rally; I do not care what region as long as it is NTSC. I am looking for MINTY... SNES carts: Contra 3, R-Type 3, Super Mario World, Batman RETURNS, Super Punch Out and Mega Man X. I only really care about the cart, but would also...
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    i hate to do this, but i need money for school. i am a collector and don't watch my dvds, so these are all in the original plastic and have not been opened. everything below is $11 including first class shipping in an padded envelope. All are originals and not HKs. 2009 Lost Memories Ai Yori...
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    sorry... wrong forum

    i postedin the wrong forum. sadly i knew it was the wrong forum, but didn't pay attention.
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    WTB Sega Saturn System and Ninendo 64 controller: will pay big bucks, see details...

    Sega Saturn and SNES games wanted- have $$$! I am looking for the following: -A new/sealed copy of Sega Rally; I do not care what region as long as it is NTSC. -Minty SNES carts: Contra 3, R-Type 3 and Mega Man X. -A Minty Diddy Kong Racing and Star Fox for N64. I only really care about...
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    Have you had an AES game die or suffer Bit Rot?

    This question is in regards to AES carts, not mvs (they live a harder life I presume more of them have issues). I am not talking about games that were dead the first time you tried to fire them up, but rather games that were working and then one day either dies or gets a case"bit rot" where a...
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    Best Neo Game Background Graphics?

    Please READ this: post only one background from one game, not a list. Think about it and choose ONE. That's what makes this fun. For me it's the Fire level from Last Blade 2; WOW! I am waiting for someone to mention the rain stage in KOF 99!