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    About this "UP" text on old games...

    Yo ppl! Old Games such as Mame's TMNT, Vendetta and some others have this 1UP, 2UP, 3UP, 4UP text on it, I understand that the "P" stands for player... but what about the "U"?, what does it mean? Unique Player? =P thanks
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    Last Blade 2... Untouchable

    Im playing LVL 8 right now, they simly cannot be touched, totally digital, specially Moriya, any good advice? its getting frustrating :mad:
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    Best Data compression software?

    Guys, which is in your opinion, the data compression software with the HIGHEST compression ratio outthere? thanks
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    ways to find out who connects to my Wireless Router?

    Is there any usefull software that would retreive the IP address or Device ID of the ones connecting to my wireless router?? thanks
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    If You Could have Elemental Powers...

    If you could have Elemental Powers, what would you choose? LOL I know its a weird question, Im just curious :make_fac:
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    New treatment for AIDS

    hey hey its just a treatment not a Cure, yet good stuff This treatment lasts 90 days and protects the immunity system for 2 years. Read here
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    Little Help on DVD software

    Yo guys! I neet DVD creating software with the following features: 1.- Customizable Menu 2.- Support for .vob files 3.- Support for subtitle files (.srt .ssa, etc) 4.- Support for DIVX encoded video files Know any with these features? Thanks Beforehand.
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    Nominations for worst RPG game

    Alright, now that RPG talking is hot now, give us your nominations for the 3 worst RPG games in history. 1.- Breath Of Fire 5.- What an Obnoxious way of breaking aparta the great concept of its previous, its bad in every aspect of it, GARBAGE! 2.- N64's Quest 64.- Sloooooooooooowwwwwwwww, I...
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    how do you like this??? Bitter useless, but I do like the idea, lol.
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    DVD conversion help

    Yo ppl! I need to make a DVD out of a single or several AVI file(s), And if possible, make my own menu of scene selections and stuff. Whats a good software for this? :) Thanks :glee:
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    Quick Questions Involving Geese Howard

    Yo people, just have a few q's 1.- How come Billy is so loyal to Geese, does he owe him something? 2.- Why does Geese Despise his son Rock? 3.- It is known that Geese Killed Jeff Bogard, but why? that's all... Thanks beforehand
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    Best and Worst voice acting awards!

    here are my awards: Best: Seth, his deep voice is like the voice every rude fighter guy should have, you rule dude :buttrock: Worst: KOF 96's Narrator, lol I know it aint a character but MY GOD that voice sure is irritating for a Narrator, The first time I listened to it I felt like I was...
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    Neogeo Battle Coliseum

    Que tal amigos hispanohablantes! :glee: ¿Han tenido oportunidad de jugar esta joya que nos ha entregado SNK Playmore?, Yo estoy mas que enganchado a este juego, lo he estado jugando en Arcades pues no tengo PS2 pero ya estoy considerando el comprarlo jeje (Al menos me sale mas económico que...
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    Top 5 Best Neogeo Characters' Outfit

    I dont know if this thread as already been started before, if it has just ignore it... So what are, in your opinion the top five Neogeo characters with better outfit?, here are mine: 1.- Duolon: Just WOW, great style. the best one to me. :tickled: 2.- Goenitz: Look at it closer, its a top...
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    Are you willing to help? =)

    I am World Community Grid!
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    Neogeo Battle Coliseum

    People This game trully rockzzzzz!!!! The game system, the music, the graphics, the combos (Not the Controls though) are a blessing for us gaming freakz, I specially Like Yuki and Hotaru, Yuki is a pretty original Character with great combos, (The Memory Card Slash moves are his best allies)...
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    Just a quick SF2 thread

    Found it on This FAQ Why were 3 of the bosses names changed? This was because the boxer Mike Tyson intended to take legal action against Capcom. They changed the names of the bosses around so he couldn't, so M. Bison became Balrog, Vega became M. Bison and Balrog became Vega. I didnt know...
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    Best 3gp video Encoder outthere?

    heya ppl :D I own a Nokia 6230 Phone with support for 3gp video format, And Im looking for the Best 3gp Video Encoder, which one would you guys recommend?. I want to convert my movies to reproduce 'em on my phone!!! Thanks Beforehand
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    Neogeo Battle Coliseum combos

    Hello ppl! I've been searching thru the internet for combos on this game, They recently brought it into my local arcade, the game simply R-O-C-K-S, but I cant seem to find any site with combos, any help will be much appreciated. :glee:
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    NGBC suggestions plz

    Ok Both Bosses Mizuchi and Shin ShioShio are a Pain in the butt!!!!... any suggestions on how to beat the crap out of them? pleeeeeaseeeee :(