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  1. FalcomAdol

    SOLD: MVS Last Hope (Pink Bullets revision with Shockbox)

    Pics tonight. Selling what is pretty much my last high value cart. Hopefully I'll be able to get some reprints next year from NG:DEV.TEAM. Price coincides with reprint price available from NG:DEV.TEAM, no waiting. It's MVS Last Hope, the "Pink Bullets" revision: Changes Last Hope to "Pink...
  2. FalcomAdol

    SOLD: Fast Striker MVS w/Shockbox

    I'm selling my MVS Fast Striker, serial 0148 Includes shock box and insert, game, dip sheet, and bagged manual and bookmarks. Price is $500 shipped to the US by tracked and insured priority USPS. Europe $540 shipped.
  3. FalcomAdol

    FS: Gunlord MVS $400 shipped USA

    I need to sell my Gunlord MVS. $400 shipped, as shown below, worked fine last time I was able to play it, but new house, new baby, etc, no time and no money. I'll ship out via UPS Priority as soon as payment is received by Paypal. Thanks, Falcomadol
  4. FalcomAdol

    Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm Apparently a few former SNK KoF folks are crowdfunding completion of a 2d fighter. Do we care? Do we want to see it finished?
  5. FalcomAdol

    Poll: Fast Striker Reprint: Are you Ready to Preorder?

    Ok, so NG: DEV.TEAM needs 25 *FULLY PAID* preorders to make it financially viable to do the work needed to reconfigure Fast Striker to run on their new carts and to actually get the product through the process and into our hands. These preorders would be at 350 EURO, and would be prepaid (your...
  6. FalcomAdol

    FS: NeoBitz-S, Jrok 4.1 RGB Encoders

    Hi I've got a NeoBitz-S and a Jrok 4.1 for sale. Neither one is any good for me because my TV has neither S-Video nor Component input, and my receiver's scaler doesn't want to talk 320x240. I'll take $40 for the NeoBitz-S and $70 for the Jrok 4.1, prices include shipping in the United States...
  7. FalcomAdol

    D&D - Mystara CPS2

    So, I got this super dirty "green" gray board Shadow Over Mystara today in the mail. Cracked it open for some cleaning and to see if I need to do any other maintenance: It's not just dirty, it's a dirty boot. It's much cleaner in this picture than it was when I received it, this is...
  8. FalcomAdol

    CPS2 - MSH vs Street Fighter

    Norimaro. I played MSH vs Street Fighter a lot on an imported console port back in the day. Now I'm jonesing for authentic CPS2 loving, but I'm not sure what the deal with with Norimaro. So he's only in the Japanese version of the game, and Green/Blue boards are cross-compatible. Is his...
  9. FalcomAdol

    5v line on the AV port

    How much power is going through the 5v line on the AV port on Neo Geo AES/CD/CDZ systems? I'm wondering if it is enough to power an external HDMI converter box that I'm designing in my head. I'm guessing it's no where near enough because I think I would need about 2 amps (realistically...
  10. FalcomAdol

    Atomiswave - Games using more than 4 buttons?

    Hi, if I consolize an Atomiswave for Neosticks, will I miss out on any games using more than 4 buttons? There's not many to start...
  11. FalcomAdol

    WTB: Loose Twinkle Star Sprites MVS - $200 shipped

    Hi, I'm looking to buy Twinkle Star Sprites for MVS, $200 shipped to USA 01810. Loose cart is what I'm looking for. Let me know if you can help me achieve my goal here. Thanks, Jeremy
  12. FalcomAdol

    FS: The rest (PCE, Saturn, Dreamcast, Master System, Genesis)

    Sold and distributed, thanks! Once things are actually paid for I'll move them down here:
  13. FalcomAdol


    Grabbed them on ebay.
  14. FalcomAdol

    ZinTrick Insert Draft Version

    Heya, looking for someone with more talent than me to do a Zintrick insert and a Gunlord insert. I got the "standard edition" MVS Gunlord with the proceeds of my recent firesales, so now I need a shockbox insert. I got some sources and started on Zintrick, but I don't have great skill and I...
  15. FalcomAdol

    WTB: MVS SS5, MS5, Matrimelee, WH2J, Ultimate 11, KotM2, TSS - Loose or Kits

    Car got hit today, I will probably have to pay the deductible, so no high dollar cart purchases right now :(
  16. FalcomAdol

    FS: Saturn Games, mainly imports fighting, RPG, RAM carts, accessories - MAKE AN OFFER

    Everything in this thread has sold or was moved to a newer selling thread. Thanks!
  17. FalcomAdol

    FS: US Dreamcast Jet Grind Radio (sorry, all that's left)

    Everything here was sold or moved to a new thread.
  18. FalcomAdol

    Bad CRC in FF Special - Cheaper to fix or to replace? (Boston)

    I've got a Fatal Fury special with one EPROM in the EP1 slot. The cart is calculating an NG CRC in the ROM Region in Universe 2.3, retested in different slots on my MVS. I presume this could be because of corruption in the EPROM, the EPROM has the normal paper sticker over the window, but these...
  19. FalcomAdol

    WTB: Robo Army - CLOSED

    Hi, I'm looking to buy Robo Army MVS, I'll pay $55 shipped to 01810. Please PM me. Thanks, Jeremy
  20. FalcomAdol

    FS/FT: Xbox 360 (s), loads of Xbox 360 and Xbox games (and Radeon Cards) *DONE*

    Everything here has been sold or moved to a new thread. Thanks!