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  1. jesesfbi

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Just picked this up found it at a local game shop, even the sales associate and the manager didn't know what it was hahaha. I need to pickup a laseractive now
  2. jesesfbi

    CPS2 alien Vs Predator(A and B board) pheonixed

    Hey everybody, I am selling my copy of Pheonixed AVP for the CPS2 its a US blue version and comes with both the A and B boards. I'll get some pictures later to post up, the case has a crack in the corner sadly. I'm looking to get 250 shipped all fees covered in the US. Need money to pay bills...
  3. jesesfbi

    Sega STV repair?

    Hey everyone, I recently picked up a sega STV with black screen issues. So I did all the methods I found online, reflow the two SH2 chips and discharge all capacitors. I looked around for broken traces and didn't find any. I still get a black screen, even if I hold SW1 in on start up nothing...
  4. jesesfbi

    CPS2 region differences?

    So I bought a cps2A board from fox1's group buy, but my postal carrier misdelivered it so I never got it. I then found another CPS2A board on eBay and bought it. I got it in today to realize its a South American A board so my US B board of AVP will not work with it.......:annoyed: So I was...
  5. jesesfbi

    jamma nes

  6. jesesfbi

    jamma nes

    Not the prettiest thing I admit.
  7. jesesfbi

    jamma nes

    Hey everybody, I'm selling my jamma nes. Its based on the neo pin out. Everything works. It had a nesrgb board, a sound amp built in to drive the speakers and both p1 and p2 controller is setup to work with the control panel. I'll get pics up later. Feel free to ask questions and such I'll be...
  8. jesesfbi

    socal minicab

    Hey all I came across this while searching on Craig's list. I repeat this is not my sale I just came across it so don't PM me. Its neat and all, I would buy it but I don't have the money hahahha.
  9. jesesfbi

    Free Arcade Stick Parts - No Werejag!

    Jibba is this real? if so I'll take it if you dont mind lol. My big red could use a stick and micro switches. I have glitchy switches lol makes it annoying to play viewpoint. THE CRAB!!!!!! Or trying to beat my copy of pulstar before panda finds out im hoarding a copy
  10. jesesfbi

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Heremya go for people who are interested in inside pics lol. Not then prettiest but it works great lol. Also that plastic piece in between the boards is to separate the two from touching lol.
  11. jesesfbi Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    From what I can se its one of these
  12. jesesfbi

    AES console, Strikers 1945+ AES

    Hey all, since I picked up a big red 2slot my 2slot cmvs is for sale. I am also selling my AES asking $300 shipped -unibios 3.1 free version - stereo mod on the oem AV connector -US model 5V system -one controller I also have for sale a strikers 1945+ AES conversion. I'm looking to get...
  13. jesesfbi

    Free to a good home: 2 slot Big Red MVS cab in SoCal

    My bad been a little busy but here are some pics, Dirty garage lol Inside I'm planning on repainting the control panel during the summer, bought a new flyback transformer(waiting for it to arrive) ripped out the old flyback.
  14. jesesfbi

    Oklahoma sucks at executing people

    I was thinking the exact same thing as I was reading the article, or this should bring this back :3
  15. jesesfbi

    Replacement Neo CD power supply

    Hey Everybody, I thought I saw a thread a week or two ago about someone asking about an alternative. Well I got around to ask my buddy about his and he uses one of these Doesn't require any splicing or hacking up and it...
  16. jesesfbi

    Sega CDX repair help.

    Hey all, so my buddy recently handed me his broken CDX and said replace the laser for me so I did and its still wont read discs. Anyone know what the potentiometer settings are suppose to be? I found this thread
  17. jesesfbi

    MV1F Graphical probelms

    First of all I need to thank Xian Xi with his helpful Z80 pinout because I was able to revive this dead Z80 error board I had. Now to the main problem, Most of my games seem to not work with this board. Some games work without issues(so far I tested Strikers 1945+,Fatal Fury, bust a move), some...